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  1. Literally JUST got back into training because of a neck issue this week and broke my toe while rolling. Someone up there is conspiring against me.
  2. Mazzagatti in the Hamill/Jones fight was hilarious.
  3. Oh and can't forget about ArcaneKnight
  4. Exodus9MM was a personal favorite of mine
  5. Hahahahahaha wtf did I just watch
  6. I'll shoot you a follow right now, for the most part I try to keep that away from people on here since I have my personal life up there haha
  7. Ah awesome thread man, all my cooking is on my instagram but I'll figure out a way to post here lol
  8. I hear someone is supposed to drink piss.
  9. Likewise Freddie! Us guys from 2009 have to stick together haha
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