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  1. found it http://www.ufc.com/media/ufc-on-fx-3-weigh-in-archive F*CK DA POLICE
  2. snitch **** u and ur mother*****n report
  3. the one the ufc put out wont work for some reason I did say pliz
  4. erik is good and we will see how he do against a wrestler
  5. cool video, it shows u how hard the road has been for some of these fighters
  6. DAMN I should change my sig ... those ****ers won't let it go
  7. Feij?o vs Mike Kyle the first fight...where Feij?o gets KOed
  8. hahahah how fake can this ****** be ha he can't hide it after this
  9. u gotta love thiese dumb people they wait until he lose then they start talking **** man shut the **** up
  10. why u mad if I post about thiago ? eat horse
  11. yeah... he's one of those guys that u would like 2 put him in the corner and start stomping his face... but im not sure if we can
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