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  1. I don't think The Engineer nickname suited him well. perhaps he should changes to Shane Behemoth Carwin. Shane got this muscular thick build and with monstrous power behind those hand with 12 win 0 losses he is an unstoppable force.
  2. http://www.fightline.com/news/mma/2009/1027/456060/ufc-104-machida-vs-shogun/index.shtml I guess I wasn't far off wrong comparing with the official scorecard from the judges. I originally had shogun as a winner but after watching a video couple of time. I scores first 3 rounds go to machida and last 2 go to shogun. so I think there are no conspiracy behind this, Cecil Peoples mention before that what they (him and other judges) see most people can't and they are professional at this. I rest my case
  3. not bad really. i agree
  4. I hope this clear things up a bit since so many anger and many topic related on machida vs shogun result. http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewriter/post/UFC-104-judge-Peoples-says-good-fans-understand-?urn=mma,198213
  5. its good to see randy fights. I wanna see how much a human body can take before it said no. randy is amazing for a 46 years old man.
  6. Cain is that good, he can takes a lot of punishment, enormous strength, amazing BJJ and cardio.
  7. Rothwell was totally dominated by cain, even if he goes through all the round his face will get plummet. mazaggati doing the right thing to stop it or else more serious injure will happen
  8. I think his best choice right now is done the movie first then come back to ufc knock out rashad later. if he fight rashad now he might lose and his stats and fans will go down which could probably risk his career. you guys know how people are , they jump on any fighter bandwagon whoever win. rampage already had a fan base so there is no way Dana reject him him if he intend to come back, just look at tito ortiz even dana dislike him he is still back in the ufc because of the fan.
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