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  1. Always liked him. Bright future for sure
  2. His fighting style. Great combination of pitter-pat style boxing and slick grappling especially off his back. He also has a great chin, amazing cardio, and a warrior's spirit. Not a big fan of his attitude but he keeps it real and I can respect that Plus he smokes the Ganj
  3. Yea pretty impressive ground game. The other guy seemed pretty experienced and unknown but he looked to have solid grappling also. And Amirkhani dispatched him on the ground fairly easily His record is filled with almost all submission finishes. Looking forward to seeing more from him in the future
  4. Has anybody re-watched the fight yet? I re-watched it a couple nights ago and it was much closer than what a lot of people think. I could definitely see a case for Pendred winning. Could have been a draw also. He had octagon control and a lot of take downs after being rocked in the 1st. His striking even started to pick up near the end of the fight even tho it was very poor in the beginning. I'm glad Spencer is getting paid cause I like him also but I think Joe's commentary made it seem more like Spencer was dominating. It had that effect on me after re-watching it. It was much closer than a lot of people think. Go and watch it again
  5. Oh and I got to see Rumble KO Lil Nog in San Jose also. That was the best part of the night! Thanks for sharing you're experince!
  6. That's awesome man! You picked a great card to go to. A lot of great fights and finishes. Knockouts are the best to see live and there were a bunch on that card. Must have been sick to see that 8 sec KO and all the other finishes. You missed Seery vs Beal tho, that fight was the ****! How did that not get FOTN? Bader vs Davis sucked pretty bad. I though Phil was better than that. Would have liked to seen Hendo get a little more of a chance to recover but Mousasi could have just kept throwing while he was hurt. Mousasi would have most likely won that anyway I feel. I feel bad for Gus because he lost at home and it derailed his Jones rematch but I'm happy for Rumble at the same time. Rumble is getting really dangerous and could catch just about anybody right now. That's funny you got to touch his hand and it was on air too haha. Lawler vs Brown was my first event. Such a great experience after watching for so many years and never going to one. A lot of decisions on that card but good fights. It is kinda weird not having commentary but a cool change I guess.
  7. He has a very slick ground game also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXyBA25gDPI
  8. Haha I thought the same thing. Maybe they all don't have beds tho. He never said he didn't have a bed but it does sound like that Why is he 26 and still living with his mother? That's what I wanna kno haha I like this guy. At first I thought he was a little ****y but he's pretty funny too. And that 8 second KO was dope. I wanted to see how Ogle would do after switching to Team Alpha Male but Amirkhani was all over him. Impressive victory especially for his first UFC and TKO win
  9. Last movie I saw was The Interview I think. Such a great movie. I would have to watch it again to give it a solid rating but I would say it was a 4-5 for me
  10. Completely agree. I got really into the movie but the ending killed it for me.
  11. I think Rukus will be too aggressive for Wonderboy like Matt Brown was. But Wonderboy has his awkward-techical style of striking to give anyone problems
  12. Stoked for Rukus vs Wonderboy. I got Rukus but Wonderboy could give him some problems. Brown vs Hendricks is a solid fight too. Interested to see if Brown can take it to Hendricks
  13. WalkLikeAWarrior707

    In 7 days

    Was gonna say the same thing.
  14. He certainly ramped up his talking after his debut. But can you really blame him? He's being smart and marketing himself. And he's good at it. Fighters have such a short window in this sport and McGregor is taking full advantage of it. Look how big he is now. Love or hate what he says he is making everybody interested in him. I've never been a big fan of trash talking but I can respect the art of it in MMA. McGregor understands it's a tactic to not only get in his opponents head but also bring a lot of attention to himself.
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