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  1. He's a light heavyweight, he makes the weight.....end of discussion.
  2. The way he dominated BJ...durrrrr
  3. Try get in touch with Dana
  4. Congrats on being the most dominant welterweight champ of all time.
  5. I now don't really anticipate these huge cards anymore just because of the injuries.I'm not getting excited just yet.
  6. Diaz is overrated, wait and see.
  7. Joseph benavidez, the end.
  8. I hope it's an awesome fight! so many fights get built up then end up being lack luster.
  9. Wow i can't believe some people think it was set up, ignorance.
  10. **** man! I always hold a slight hope of the news being a hoax but it never is i was looking forward to this fight, damn.
  11. Corey Hill's leg break, i had to look away.
  12. Their's other huge fight's in Boxing, it's not a dying sport at all.
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