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  1. i just posted a thread about this http://forums.ufc.production.sparkart.net/showthread.php?t=11425 and completely agree with you
  2. if you dont like what i have to say why even bother coming into this thread and posting on it, feel free to leave
  3. i would find it laughable that any of you believe brock lesnar is actually sick and cant train. if all of you cant see through the lies that this industry throws at you, then let me hit all of you with some some insight that many of you may not be able to catch with your own eyes. Brock lesnar saw what carwin is capable of when he fought gonzaga, now taking that into account carwin is a 265lbs+ fighter standing 6'5. that is a giant of a man, even compared to brock lesnar who is 6'3, clearly 2 inches smaller than carwin. with this being said brock is not ready to fight this behemoth of a man, champion wrestler, and 11-0 knock out artist that is shane carwin. he called up dana and told him he needs more time to train and formulate a gameplan against shane carwin, and with the money brock brings into the ufc being its backbone dana has no choice but to comply with his request. now brock lesnar has more time to train, and better prepare himself physically, but most importantly, mentally, in order to up his chances against shane carwin
  4. TheCoon

    Cains time to shine

    it is cains time to shine guys, they should match cain up against shane, cain is the one who can beat lesnar, after watching him man handle ben rothwell, lifting him up in the air and slamming a 265lbs+ fighter, i can now see that cain is the one who can stop the monster that is brock lesnar. they should match him up against shane, so he can run through him like shogun ran through machida, and then put him up against brock, after hes done with his swine flu, and take him out
  5. i understand, but its not like he isnt gonna rematch hsogun for it anyways, all im saying is have some pride and give ghim the belt, your going to rematch him anyways, look at rampage against murilo ninja rua, he as going to give ninja the trophy because he knew murilo won that fight but the judges gave it to rampage, but ninja refused to take it and left, atleast rampage has some dignity and respect to give credit where it is due, yes lyoto trained hard for that fight, but so did shogun, and hsogun deserved it more
  6. captain, anyone who thinks machida won has nothing to elaborate onn, theonly thing machida did worth noteing is stuffing every single takedown attempt that rua threw at him, but besides that all he did was run around because rua controled the pace and octagon, absorb a bunch of strikes, and get countered all night. he lost at his own game and was out pointed, shogun couldve been more agressive but he didnt because his corner had him winning, which was obvious, you can tell he was just out pointing him, because im sure thats the onyl way he thought he could beat him because being too asgressive would get him countered and out pointed himself because machida counters and runs for the cage... shogun had the best gameplan and executed it well against machida, and deserved the title, all we can do now is wait for the rematch
  7. how can you say none of them were badly damaged, lets see machida try to job or something, he wont be ableto walk good for a week
  8. nope not the end, because if machida was a man hed give up his belt, go watch rampage fight murilo ninja rua, and the decision, and see what a real man is
  9. +1 to this thread, those judges are idiots and if they werent bribed and truely could not clearly see the victor in that bout, then wow, the athletic commission needs to do something about this, better yet dana white needs to take it up to them and stop this from happeniong
  10. nice one man ima start useing that one lol +1
  11. TheCoon

    Man thats annoying

    I hate how threads keep getting merged, i understand they're are alot of the same topics being posted but damn, some of them actually have a good point to them and ppl take alot of time to write them and they get merged in with a bunch of caca that others write, seriously mods why dont you just leave it alone, the bad threads will wither away because no one will care and the good ones will stay up, but once you merge them i dont even feel like having to find where i was posting, man, you just chose a poor way to handle the situation
  12. if that happens then i would accept the victory to be honest. no excuse there, but if shogun completely dominates machida AGAIN and knocks him out, then what will the machida lovers do? lol
  13. SHOGUN made us all happy, although he was cheating we should be glad we got to see the true lhw champion in action, the man who ran through pride at the age of 23 if im not mistaken, took pride by storm and was the most dangerous lhw out there, he came back from injuries and everyone doubted he would stand a chance against machida, but me along with all the others who stood by him received a far greater reward, shogun remained humble, respectful, after being cheated from a dominating performance, beat machida at his own game, and now is given a rematch. and machida lovers, why would shogu nrecieve an instant rematch if dana did not also agree that it was BS, shogun shocked the world that night, and that alone put a smile on my face. he had the best performance of his life against a mysterious opponent that no one could come close to figuring out, but he did, and right now machida is laying in bed because it hurts to walk
  14. if machida cared about what ppl think about him and keeping his samurai image and that of a true warrior he should relinquish his title, its in his best ineterst too anyways, think about it, EVERYONE believes shogun won the fight, only a small few think machida won, ontop of that shogun is getting an immediate rematch against machida.. if machida were smart he would just relinquish his title and accept that shogun was robbed of a victory that was well deserved, and fight shogun in their rematch to regain the title from the true champion, if he loses then you know too bad, if he wins then now he can be champion and keep his reputation, either way they are fighting for the belt again, might as well be a man about it and give shogun the belt untilthen, because shogun should be the lhw champion at this very moment, shareing the glory and belt with his family
  15. SHOGUN IS THE PEOPLE'S CHAMPION, AND THE TRUE UFC LHW CHAMPION i hope lyoto enjoys being carried by the judges, it wont happen on their rematch, shogun will win in a more convincing manner, since obviously they're are alot of dumb ppl out there who didnt think that was convincing enough lol
  16. TheCoon

    Fantasy Match-ups

    shogun is already set to fight lyoto again, dana gave him an immediate rematch.. so maybe after that we can see what happens
  17. casper is an obvious troll
  18. such a great point... lmao even machida felt like he loss..
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