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  1. yea but im talking about todd duffe stick to the topic instead of drifting away into the world of duane ludwig buddy
  2. TheCoon

    Game Plan?

    im gonna stop argueing wih you and your 5 post which have all been speaking to me, im done rasing your ost count, welcome to the forums btw, dont act like you know everything btw, u have 5 post and therefore have a limited knowledge of this sport, ive been watching it since day number 1 and am not wasting my time on you any moregood bye sir
  3. was it necessary to post that?
  4. i wouldnt care because it is too far from me, they need to put an event in miami, now thats what im talking about
  5. its under the games section... dont thank me just pay it forward
  6. TheCoon

    Game Plan?

    to let him know it was useless and that it should be moved to outside of the ufc section
  7. TheCoon

    Its almost time!

    too bad shogun cant utilize his clinch because he doesnt wanna risk blowing out his knees... would be great to see a 100% shogun, but now i would recommend he throws knees with around 30-45% of his power to avoid damageing them
  8. im sorry but duffee can possibly be the future of the ufc's heavy weight division, did u know that he just broke the ufc record for fastest KO, i mean cmon, lets see brock lesnar or shane carwin pullthat off, anderson silva cant even do it and hes the best fighter the ufc has to offer alongside machida
  9. TheCoon

    Game Plan?

    this needs to be moved to outside of ufc section btw.. gg no re kk thnx
  10. TheCoon

    Game Plan?

    ummm...shut up?
  11. i saw all your comments, and understand your points of view even tho they are rather skewed, but shogun WILL blow his knees out in the clinch and therefore you will see no clinch work from him, guarenteed
  12. Ive been reading through all the threads on this topic and came to a realization that no one has pointed out......until now shogun has had a lot of knee surgeries in the past, he has blown out his knee i think twice now. so lets analyze the main aspect of shoguns arsenal that makes him such a deadly fighter. His muay thai. Shogun is a black belt in muay thai and had a 4:1 hit given/received ratio in pride. He is a deadly striker to say the least. BUT, there is a problem in this picture.... his knees. what happens when shogun gets machiea in a muay thai clinch and throws a hard knee? what if he blows it out? will shogun lose a match due to an injury like he did against coleman in pride again? no i don't think so, and this cancels out shoguns muay thai clinch. Now machida doesn't have to worry about being in shoguns clinch because shogun will not risk losing the match to injury and therefore will not go for a clinch which is one of his strongest offensive attacks. This leaves no question in guaranteeing machidas victory against shogun. the odds are highly against shogun, and now i realized that he will not even use his muay thai clinch due to his bad knees. I'm sorry shogun fans, but this doesn't seem like it will be a good night for you guys
  13. TheCoon

    Lyoto Machida

    shogun yes, thiago? umm no, couture? lol!!, rashad? lol!!! rampage yes
  14. overated? back then no... now, well yes.. and dont wrry , vera will put his lights out, even tho it would hurt watching it because i love the guy.. but facts are facts
  15. instead of hateing on brock you should thank him for making the ufc what it is today, he picked it up on his back and ran with it like a tree trunk when the ufc was falling apart
  16. a running choke maybe? he grabs tito in a reverse headlock and runs around the ring until tito passes out
  17. TheCoon

    Cain Velasquez

    I have been watchign cains fights closely and see he is very dominant... 6-0 with 5 ko's, and after watching him fight cheick kongo i was amazed, at how someone could get rocked so hard and shuift his weight throughout his body so perfectly that the impact of the blow flowed through his body and out without seriously injuring him, kinda remind me of the great fedor emelianenko. With that being said i dont see him losing in the ufc, i see him beating ben rothwell and getting a title shot at brock after brock destroys carwin. This will be brocks biggest test, how do you beat a guy that when you rock him he shifts your blow throughout and out of his body leaving him basically untouched. It is impossible, the only way i see cain losing is by decision. and with his great wreslting brock has his hands full, especially poor ben rothwell. if cain can manage to shift bens blows in this fight than we can all see that he shifts punches at will, and will cancel out of brock lesnars blows. i see cain being the possible future of the heavy wieight division and ppl will train with him and try to learn his art of shifting weight and releasing the shock of a punch
  18. TheCoon

    Lyoto Machida

    im talking bout his ufc career, regardless theres a first time foreverything right? why cant there be a first time a fighter ( machida ) never loses? unless there cant be a first time for everything
  19. TheCoon

    Lyoto Machida

    who defeated him in his run in the ufc?
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