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  1. forrest griffin by knockout
  2. TheCoon

    Lyoto Machida

    exactly, so theres a first time for everything like the first time a fighter remains undefeated throughout his entire career and he retires. Royce gracie did it, not counting the matt hughes fight which is total bs, so can machida
  3. how can you say he didnt deserve the title shot? who deserved mir? i dont think so, lesnar made him look like crap, he knocked randy out senseless and now look at his chin against noguera, whos next carwin? please he got rocked by gonzaga, lets see him stay up when brock lesnar tags em and bags em
  4. whats the point of arlovski training again? hes not getting into the ufc... if he does hes not gonna beat brock... so can someone please give me a reason why he would waste his time and energy?
  5. Omg at MIAMI?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I really hope so man i really really hope so
  6. I think everyone needs to take a moment and give brock lesnar a standing ovation or a moment of silence. Because if it wasnt for him the UFC would have fallen and affliction would now be the dominant fight organization. Brock lesnar brought the drama, the hype, and the true strength the UFC needed to help it go mainstream. Brock lesnar is from the wrestling organization incase any of you have not been informed, and this has given him the experience he needs to built up an organization. He left wrestling, after making it really huge, and joined the UFC. Now look where the UFC is. The fastest growing sport in the world and its all thanks to Brock Lesnar. I know alot of you may hate him, but we all eed to realize that if it werent for him we would be watching affliction this month and not UFC 104. He bad mouths his opponents, bad mouths the audience, and puts on a hell of a show and is very marketable. And we all should thank him
  7. TheCoon

    Stupid UFC fans

    hes obviously a troll guys relax leave him alone
  8. ummm... he would destroy couture
  9. no im not, i made a detailed analysis that i will not post because it is quite the read, but if ben brings his a game then my prediction will come into fullfillment, but everything must be precise towards my analysis, and they usually are, he would have to beat cain and i would have to determine whther he brought his a game against cain win or lose
  10. im sorry but cain will not face brock is ben brings his a game, and if he does brock better watch out because if shane doesnt destroy him ben will
  11. The UFC fighters are probably itching in their seats waiting for the spider to retire and stop reigning terror over every division that he chooses to participate in
  12. I was doing some one of my daily analysis on different fighters and started analysiing Ben Rothwell. During this analysis i observed his fight against andrei, that although losing, stood up against a man that too kit to fedor ( the best heavyweight of all time ). So that loss is no big deal, Now ben is a big dude, i mean 6'5 265lbs and can hang in fedors league, a league that brock lesnar has not even tasted so far in his career. So, if ben rothwell brings his a game i see an easy and quick KO victory over cain velasquez and then dana should set up a fight between ben and brock were it will be the biggest test in brock lesnars career thus far. The ufc's HW monster against a man who has fought a man and stood his ground that was taking it to fedor emelianenko
  13. fedor is the best HW of all time hands down no question asked
  14. lol let me not even argue with u , not worth it obviously u have your mind set
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