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  1. wow the poll being that close shows how uneducated the ufc community is, rashad would hurt and end randys career on the spot
  2. ok honestly why am i being accused of being arcaneknight... seriously
  3. wow... you really just dont know anything huh
  4. ecause i know how machida fights like the back of my hand, i just need to go watch shogun train a little to assure a guarenteed answer
  5. no because i want to prove that i know who the winner will be in my own thread, to prove that my knowledge of mma is second to no one
  6. thas exactly what my instincts have told me, but i will further analyze this for you and give u an exact answer in time
  7. i posted a thread up already, keep checking it and u will see who the winner will be, if u decide youd rather be surprissed then disregard this post
  8. no i take what my insticts tell me to say because i am always right, and youd be dumb to doubt my statements when fight night comes
  9. makign the thread now and will post the winner of the fight within the few weeks, dont look in here to often for spoilers
  10. honestly who cares, anderson is going to spank vitors butt and make him jog out of the octagon crying
  11. im sorry but isaw world class ground skills utilize to completely cancel out another fighters strength and power, HW division beware
  12. had to let everyone know huh lol your cool, and probably fat
  13. huh? now im a little confused
  14. instead of hating it u should get used to it, because your gonna be hearing it for a long time, machida will not lose, not now, not ever, until he retires, hes gonna make the LHW division look as bad as anderson made the MW division look
  15. please, u guys should check my thread, icompletly analyzed and explained how roy nelson can destroy brock lesnar with the performance he put up tonight on TUF
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