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  1. im actually not suprised he quit at all, i mean why would he wanan waste time and money on training for a fight against rashad or machida that he would most definately lose instead of just going and making a movie that would bring in guarenteed money, he ducked machida, got money from TUF and left, he was simply scared and knew he would lose
  2. why would it be a joke, i saw roy take out kimbo who is no joke whatsoever out and completely cancel out his strength with skill
  3. ok, im not sure if any of you just watched the episode of TUF a couples hours ago, but Roy Nelson made kimbo slice look like he didnt belong in the worl of combat. Forthose of you who may not know kimba is the best street fighter out there and has moved onto mma recently. Roy nelson used his size and ground skills to completely immobolize kimbo and tko him out. Now here is where he is the answer since i really dislike brock and think he cant be stopped, but just noticed that roy can be the one to do it. If he utilizes his size and ground skills against brock to pin him down in a similar position he can tko brock lesnar out just as he did to kimbo, u can see kimbo and he is very strong and has been fighting for years, but his strength was no match for roy nelsons ground game. I see roy winning TUF and moving on to the HW division, pounding through maybe 2 or 3 HW and fighting brock, after that we can expect to see brock in a crucifix and tko'ed out for all to enjoy
  4. how can u eve nsay machida is overated, he beat rich franklin, soukaju(misspelled btu w.e), bj penn, tito ortiz, thiago silva, and rashad evans, never lost a round in ufc and lost one round in his total mma career, please, machida and anderson should walk into the DJ Khaled song Were taking Over! one division at a time!
  5. im sorry but belfort will be destroyed, he had a less then impressive victory over rich franklin, a fighter who anderson silva dismantled 3 times easily, i see no chance at all for vitor, or any MW, or any LHW, or any HW for that matter, so if anderson destroyed forrest dan henderson and franklin, what makes every one even speculate that vitor even stand a punchers chance against the spider
  6. Wow you sir are a total funking moron!!! the reason Rampage quit has nothing to do with being scared. The reason he left is because he is underpaid like all others in the ufc, this was the direct result of him leaving. The money he makes in the ufc in a miniscule compared to what he will make for just this one movie alone! Dana White rips off his fighters in the worst kinda way! If he could make as much in the ufc as what he will make in the movie business you would get the displeasure of seeing machida ko'd as he has never felt punching power like that of Jackson. And i am far from a fan of Jackson. The UFC was going to interfere with a career that will most likely pay him more for one movie that he has made in his whole UFC career from start to finish! That princess is "FACT" also it is "FACT" that you are a total and complete moron!!! im sorry but you need to check your facts, rampage indeed quit because he knows he will lose to top competition and not win all the money he can, thats why he fought keith jardine because he knew he would win and make the win bonus, but against rashad and machida his chances are slim enough that he wont even waste his time and money training for a fight he knows he cant win
  7. he doesnt have to control them, just submit them, who else has submited dan henderson? exactly
  8. liddel would knock gsp out in a few seconds of the first round on the count that gsp wont be able to take liddel to the ground and be forced to get ko'ed
  9. mir submitted him and anderson silva is 10x the fighter mir is, i see an easy submission victory for anderson o nthe ground, brock wouldnt take it there
  10. im sorry but lesnar just doesnt stand a chance, just like every one else who has fought him in his ultimate form during the ufc
  11. he walks around at 230, believe it
  12. no because anderson silva besides noguera is the only one to ever submit henderson, im sure that lesnar would not want anderson on his back and would rather lose on the feet
  13. the heavyweight division is lucky, but not for long, i heard new that anderson silva was thinking about fighting in the hw division and i see bad new for that division. Anderson silva ran through the MW and made every fighter there look like children, including Dan Henderson which is no easy task. He then went onn to the LHW division and took out the face of that division forrest griffin with his hands down, he might aswell have fought him with his hands tied behind his back, for those who dont know forrest griffin beat rampage for the title and is no joke. If he decides to move into the HW division i feel that the division will be made to look pathetic just how the MW and LHW have been made to look by him
  14. im sorry but noone can beat anderson silva
  15. Ok this is my first thread guys, which would be pretty obvious but i just wanted to say my thoughts on the whole rampage situation regarding what i believe to be the real reasons of why he left. I honestly think rampage left the uf cto duck top competition in fear of losing and not making any money, thats why he went on to acting because the money is guarenteed there. whereas fighting machida and rashad and losing he will waste time and money training to not earn the fight win bonus during those fight, he has aged and isnt confident in his ability to perform as a fighter, that is why he so happened to fight keith jardine because he knew he would win that fight no matter what... what do you guys think
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