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  1. fightenfan


    i think floyd takes the decision
  2. WoW i diddent kno this. somthing to think about
  3. on a scale of 1 - 10 what number am i thinking of?
  4. at the ultimite fighter Finale- Hulk Hogan, Eric Bishoff, and the owner of TNA were all there togeather. Do i smell a partnership?
  5. ITS TRUE, OH ITS DAMN TRUE they are the coaches unless somthing happens, god forbid.
  6. yeaaaaa this chould be in the ultimite fighter section. lol
  7. fightenfan

    best chin

    how could i have guessed that there would be a fedor comment on here. lol i think he ment between the choices who has the best chin
  8. I say if you have the talent and the want and will to do it, then go for it.
  9. uhhhhhh....... nooooooo...... -1
  10. I wonder why they diddent show it cause when i saw it n tha previews i had been looking forward 2 seeing it.
  11. and i laughed soooo hard when McSweeny did that hit me move and welll he got what he asked for. I laughed about that for a long time and then laughed more. hell im still laughing
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