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  1. And I stated moron that if Koscheck done his homework and would have wanted Brookins, GSP would have got him anyways because Koscheck is greedy and stupid. So it wouldn't have mattered who Kos wanted. But you obviously missed this point.
  2. Yeah I definitely liked that moment, but the one I thought was funny, yet awkward was the last episode, when Kos walks in on Mini Kos (marc stevens) making fun of him. It was just so ironic. Kos was talking about how his fighters should take responsibility for themselves, but yet he didn't take any the whole season. I just can't put it out of my head, how much I hate Koscheck. But your moment was much cooler, so maybe I should think about that lol
  3. In my opinion it was one of the best fights of that season (even though it wasn't in the cage) Simms is a real street fighter. If you watch it, Simms gets a body lock around Thomas and looks out of the corner of his eye... he measured where the concrete was and tried to slam noah on the edge of it. Very smart move. Noah tries for the arm bar, but doesnt let go of the arm quickly and gets his head slammed on the concrete. Its a good lesson in the difference of cage fighting and street fighting. Only use those arm bars, if you can break the arm right away or use it as a sweep. Also if you get elevated, abort the arm bar right away. That was a wicked, technical street fight...
  4. This last show, really showed who Koscheck is. I still cant believe so many people voted for him. So no matter what he does, he is still going to have fans. His fan base went down, but I bet he is going to make more money... so Im sure he doesnt care. This last episode was pretty sad. They are all mocking Koscheck and he comes in. Wow... what a coincidence. Everything they said was true though. And when Koscheck finally was showing some humanity, he started talking about having failures in life... AND FOR SURE, I thought he was going to admit, he failed, even just a little. Maybe he didn't train them the right way, maybe the wrong strategy, maybe something... but then he blames it all on the fighters, as if he had nothing to do with it. I think the fighters share responsibility, but so does he. He picked them all, he trained them and he was responsible for the strategy... This last episode made me really actually hate Koscheck. He is a total blind fool ... and I hope he disappears from the UFC after GSP beats him
  5. Actually his first pick probably would have been Michael Johnson. Then Marc Stevens. Those are the two he wanted first and GSP convinced him in to getting Stevens first.
  6. WTF?!?!? Its up to 16% now and growing! Will it move back up to 25% because people just haven't voted yet? He used to be at 25%... before this show. Maybe his hard core fans, just don't care about how he acts!
  7. I don't think Leroy is good enough to make it in the UFC yet. He needs a lot more experience and he either needs to move down a weight class, or bulk up. MJ was throwing him around like a little girl
  8. I got the exact same as you, but I think Brookins will do well against Johnson. I don't think they are on the same level.
  9. Yeah it was a gooder! The funny thing is.. Koscheck still gets 14% of the vote! So he has went down some over the years (was about 25% of people liked him) And I wonder how much extra cash he is making from being the "bad guy". Maybe he is smarter then us all
  10. NOW see that a REAL reason to like Koscheck! Its true and a very good point. In fact' date=' I feel really good now, for some reason Thats a good point... there will probably be less Koscheck fans then that.. like maybe 102 (instead of the figure I quoted before of 2450) GOOD POINT! haha You guys do realize something don't you? If for some freak of nature Koscheck wins, you guys realize that the 2 Kos fans in this forum, are going to OWN this topic! That would be Ironic if GSP lost though
  11. Wow... 36 to 5... so 13.8% of people still like Kos.... About 14 people out of 100... SO AT THE BELL CENTER.... the gate was 17,647 people There is going to be 2450 Koshcheck fans out of 18,000 fans at the bell center. This should be fun to watch!
  12. Hmmmmmm I don't know if you train, but Koscheck is supposed to be a coach. If one of my coaches did this while I tried to stop a fight, I would be pissed as well. I think he handled it quiet well. Im sure he has a ton of respect for Kos and for Kos to do that to him, shows no respect...
  13. Jonathan Brookins vs. Sako Chivitchian Brookins easily. 2 round decision for sure, and he may be able to pull this off my submission in the 1st round. Rear naked choke. Cody McKenzie vs. Nam Phan I have watched Nam fight way before he got in to the ultimate fighter. He's a tough guy. Now that I've seen Cody fight, I think that cody is going to try to rush Nam and surprise him and make it a dog fight. If this happens, Cody will choke him out. If Nam doesn't brawl and fight's technically, I think he can beat Cody. I think Nam is going to pull this one off in 2 rounds by decision. Kyle Watson vs. Aaron Wilkinson This one I think is pretty easy. Kyle is going to take Aaron down and submit him. I would say round one or two. Michael Johnson vs. Alex Caceres Alex doesn't have much of a chance here. I can't see many ways Alex can win. I would love to see Bruce Leroy pull it off, but all I see is him getting taken down, and him trying triangles for 2 rounds, while getting pounded. Johnson by ground and pound in round 2 or by decision.
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