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  1. Up Dana White's *** because fighting Siver is a step down.
  2. Why? Your jealous that you can't make epic threads that get over 20+ responds to it? **** off.
  3. Za_Xiong

    PPV main events

    yeah man, I wanted Meth but it was expensive. I also got some of the green that you got on your avatar. Make a suggestion and people throw it out the window..Yeaaaaaaaaaa. Diaz bro's where you aat?!?!??!??!
  4. Za_Xiong

    PPV main events

    They should have like a vote in the crowd to go another round or something. Like a virtual device. "A fight like Machida/Shogun happens" "Everybody votes if they want another round" Something like "Who want's to be a Millionaire" except it's for rounds and about who wants what. LOL. I would really like that.
  5. Machida whipped *** and would whip your *** and mines included. Holla back at my gangstER possy. Where mah Diaz boi's at? ARF ARF!
  6. Whipping the pain abuser's *** like it isn't nothing. Pain Killers didn't help you this time. Hahahaha. Who's next for Hallman? Ellenberger?
  7. II forgot about that..Him fighting faber would be great.
  8. In MMA you boxing loving w0re. BTW Pacman would eat anybody in Boxing. Soon to be HW boxing champ!
  9. I don't think they will fight each other since they train with each other. I also don't think Anderson will be able to handle the takedowns and brutal GnP that Munoz has...Sonnen got pillow fists.
  10. Za_Xiong


    Machida should had won. he gets Rampage again and wins and then goes after Rashad because Slodumb baby knee's gets raped via man sex by Rashad.
  11. Ever since getting his brain knocked away by Goku, he has been doing horrible. Cut the kid, he have nothing left in him. His wrestling sucks, his striking sucks, his power sucks, his jitz suck and his cardio is mediocre. Tyson's MMA career is done in the UFC. Go to SF already, your not winning.
  12. He will beat any MW fighter in the UFC. Okami included. Give him a title shot, he has been more than impressive. Anybody agree?? Discuss.
  13. Clay Guida is sexy. Keith Jardine is given that pleasure.
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