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  1. cool, Kimbo and Alexander should be a good entertaining stand up fight and I suppose I cant blame them for bringing Kimbo slowly - set him up with a much smaller, stand up fighter ... with a not so good chin but here's the thing; we know Houston got knock-out power (Sakara, Jardine, Quigli, Butler), I'm not too convinced Kimbo got knock-out power - he probably got the strength, but his opponent basically needs to be standing still didnt he get a good hit on Nelson? I would also like to see Kimbo-Sapp fight
  2. what the ... no, he didnt do that, did he? start airing out excuses after the fight??? hahahaha, man ... wow ... I saw a bit of the fight, but didnt see what happened after the fight what on earth possessed him to do that?? that is so weak hopefully other fighters took a note of that and tell themselves not to make excuses after a fight kinda reminds me of a fight a few years ago - basically the 2 guys were dancing around the cage for most of the fight (one actually turned and ran away from a takedown attempt), when the fight ended, one starts doing push ups - the other follows perfect ending to a farce of a fight (does anyone remember this fight, who was involved?)
  3. well, I dont like saying he's this or that - though I'm not too fond of his actions/words but here's the thing - put yourself in those fighters' shoes imagine yourself being a young, promising fighter or a veteran getting a second chance (or first chance even) a lot of these guys are self-made man, I'm sure they can take care of themselves - but it would be great if you could get sound advise and some guidance from fighters who's been there, done that at the UFC level especially from a person you would call 'coach' for the next few weeks Rampage made it clear he didnt like to coach ... so I guess no big help from him, fine, that's cool - you got there on your own, you dont need him but how would you feel if Rampage's not only doing minimal/half-a$$ coaching, but he's joking around, poking fun at you, grabbing your teats, etc. but hey, who knows, maybe this experience will make you a stronger person, but man, what a letdown from someone you probably admire as a fighter and hope to be able to learn from
  4. and one thing I dont quite understand ~ why would people want to hang with him? I'm pretty sure 'funny' would be the most popular answer ... but is he really? his jokes and comments are pretty childish, and I'm sure the moment he runs out of things to poke fun of, he'll turn his attention to you I could be wrong, and this is just my opinion, but I really dont think he has any intelligent thing to say - nothing that would benefit me, anyway and the people that hangs around him (his co-coaches) are pretty much 'yes man' ...
  5. Nelson got hit by one of those ... then fell on Kimbo and won the fight
  6. well, Kimbo did fight in a few MMA fight with EliteXC - so it wasnt directly from the street, but I know what you mean well, bottom line; money talks - and Dana saw the potential (in money, not skill) in Kimbo
  7. not a Bellichik fan, but I thought he made the right call they were having a great offensive game, 2 yards should've been a piece of cake, or so they thought - but you never know like Truth said, even if they punted, 60 yards and 2 minutes (and 3 TOs) is still a lot of time for someone like Manning but man, what a finish! saw the score when it was about 8 minutes left to play in the 4th (Indy was down by 2 TD, I think) next thing I know Indy won the game
  8. if they did Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns, then yeah, why not - fits
  9. funny how things can get sidetracked ... but back to the original post - if Spike (is it Spike TV that airs TUF?) tries to draw viewers by using Kimbo, then yeah, I think that's pretty weak (and low) ... they really need to stop doing that ... he lost some of his novelty and people arent that stupid or like to be treated like one - (let's dangle Kimbo again and hope we'll get more viewers) and dont compare Kimbo to Brett Rogers, Brett stood face to face with Fedor and made it to the 2nd round ... where he got ko'd - but hey, he's now ranked as one of the top heavyweight Kimbo stood face to face with Petruzelli and ... I dont hate Kimbo, I think he's a good guy, and I do wish him well, but I just have to shake my head when people are overhyping the guy
  10. it was the fighter that lost the fight, true but being a coach bears responsibilities - he may not like coaching, but he agreed to be the coach - and it is the coach's responsibility to prepare his fighter/team one big reason Rampage took the role was money, he made more money doing the show than a fight (listen to one of Ortiz's interview - Ortiz said it) I suppose the rant against Rampage is a bit tiresome, but hey, people have opinions and would like to vent ... and since we have a few more TUF upisodes, I'm pretty sure the rants will keep coming
  11. interesting thought ... hey, anything's possible - but I think Lesnar is legitimately sick and will still fight Carwin next and if I were Brock or his manager, I wouldnt let Brock fight Fedor as yet, Brock still needs more experience to face someone like Fedor
  12. I would love to see a pro boxer go to MMA it'll be a great change of pace, I've mostly heard about guys coming to MMA with good wrestling/grappling background would love to see a guy coming in with a boxing background
  13. well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I can certainly respect that ... and I havent watched all the other seasons, so I dont have a good measuring stick to measure their talent or skill but I did watch a few episodes from previous seasons so I'm iffy about TUF 10 having the most talent ... are these guys better than Bisping, Hamill, Rashad? the premise of this season was giving these heavyweights a chance at the UFC - and they need the TUF to get to the UFC because, well let's face it, they werent impressive enough for the UFC to sought after them but I do like Madsen and DeMico (too bad about DeMico losing, though) and I'm totally disappointed at their lack of aggression/mean streak I think only Kimbo shows a lot of aggression in his fight
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