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  1. Great words from another keyboard warrior...
  2. Plz vote... I am going to show the poll results at work.
  3. So im at work and there is a conversation going on.... Players: Chris, Sue, CS Chris: Sue you need to go see Gen So n So to get your badge back Sue: I have my badge (having just returned from the badging office to get a new one after losing her old one. Chris: No sue you need to go see this General cause he has your badge cause you lost it and he found it. Sue: Ok I will.... CS (butting in) : Sue you lost your badge Sue: No CS: So who'se badge did the general find? Sue: well mine CS: So you lost your badge but you didn?t? Sue: No I misplaced it CS: Whatever, was this the first time Sue: no I've been here 3 weeks and this is the 3rd time CS: Sue your ****ing kidding me. You've lost 3 Access badges to a high security government compound. Sue: yeah, so CS: SO WTF SO?! Your ****ing ******** me... How have they not reported you to G2(the people in charge of base and compound security who also do counterterrorism investigations) Sue: yeah they might do that Sue: To make sure I?m not related to any *does circular motion over her head CS: related to what any angels? Sue: No any people who wear turbans CS: Sue that was the most racist thing I have heard in the workplace yet. Sue: What I LIKE Black people CS: Sue your ****ing kidding me... that is so off topic. You just insinuated all people who wear turbans are terrorists. Sue: Your putting words in my mouth CS: No sue I?m elaborating on what you insinuated. You said the people who do counterterrorism would have to check your family history to make sure your not related to people who wear And then you did some hand signal to represent a turban. CS: So your saying I am a terrorist Sue: Do you wear a turban? CS: My people do. My Bio Dad does. I come from a ****ing Turban wearing peoples. So your saying Either I?m a terrorist or my turban wearing dad is? Sue: I didn?t say that CS: OMFG Yes you did. and if you didn?t say it you implied it cause your too chicken to just say you think all Muslims are terrorists. SO IS IT RACIST?
  4. I think most people would say humanity has evolved past this point..... Going into a fight knowing you COULD die is much different than going into a fight knowing you or your opponent will PROBOBY die. Most people who would be competing would either do so only as an act of desperation for a **** tonne of money or because they are psycho. Futhermore This would be a good Idea if the competitiors were people like violent criminals or sex offenders or general inmates. Win 20 get your freedom sort of deal.
  5. After years and years of cutting weight your body will generally stop producing certain normal body chemicals... of of those is Testosterone. The T glands in you brain get damaged from a combination of repeated severe dehydration, intense heat exposure (from saunas) amungst other "cutting" practices here. The real villian in this situation is fighters trying to "fight at their natural weight" in other words guys who weigh 200lb or so making 185 or even lighter. Thats **** damages your body over time. As far as PEDs go Leagalize that crap. The fighters know the long term effects so if they wanna use them why not.
  6. OR a resturant and a meat grinder.... mmmmm "pork" sandmiches....Al-La "Fried Green Tomatoes"
  7. Whatever you say boss... You MLG or somthing cause most guys who are have trouble holding KDs above 2.00. Unless you're a Flack Jacket, Last Stand Pro, nube tuber those numbers are BS.
  8. Jeezus I couldnt even stay awake to read a franke edgar thread... HE's THAT BORING
  9. Seriously Terminator takes this... If It ever ends up in the situation in the OP... Machine gun into an open mouth The T-rex is done... and if that does not work the model of terminator arnold is has 2 nuclear power cells which blow up like bombs so He could just make one untable and drop it down Rex's throat. Terminator by decimation.
  10. PSN also has like no compitition for FPS games. a guy who can barlely pull a 1.00 KD on 360 would be a god on PSN. Playing Black ops on PSN is like playing combat training on amature. sure if you do 11-1 you might get killed if your playin reckless but in all its just pathetic. I literally quit at black ops from the boredom what was PSN online. HC-CTF 1st Game 28-3 with 6 caps, 2nd game 15-0, 5 caps, 3rd game 25-1, 4 caps, 15 returns. HC TDM: 25-0, 32-1, 45-3, all while run and gunning... its fun to dominate for a while but when there is a complete lack of skill I'de rather beat my meat watching midget ****
  11. Im pretty sure that last bit is BS... Weed REALLY slows down your reaction time... pretty sure SOMONE has died as a result of using and driving.... also it does make you retarded over time... Have a few buddies who has smoked so much they drool and isht plus have 0 short term memory.
  12. If you accept 1 anti nature sexual behavior you have to accept them all for equality's sake: Pedofiles Rape Dendrophilia (people who **** trees) Necrophelia beastiality marinophilia (sp) (where you want to **** fish) The whole lot. YES I just grouped people who have sex with same gender mates with the people who **** fish. Dont like it? F-U! Deviant sexual behavior is devient sexual behavior no matter how you slice it. To say your gay by nature the same claim can be made for every other sexual devientcy... Im a rapist by nature or I love little boys cause I was born that way. And before I get jumped on for trollin the gay community let me just say im not hating on gays directly just "sexual divientcy" as a whole.
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