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  1. Roy Nelson's over hand right on Brendan Schaub Rich Franklin's straight left on Nate Quarry Junior ciganos huge uppercut on Werdum
  2. Johnsons looked desperate and his stand up looked sloppy IMO.
  3. Have to agree I hope Dana gives them both a bonus, both spectacular Ko's for different reasons
  4. As an Australian I dont know a whole lot about wrestling credentials, but who is the better wrestler in your opinions? Will there wrestling cancel each other out so we Might see a stand up war only?
  5. +1 but still some competive match ups. I think a fit and firing shogun would be his biggest danger.
  6. There's some decent fighters in middleweight but let's be honest not many true champions! Anderson sais he only wants the best.. Shogun, rampage, machida, bones etc are all ex champs and would bring a fight to Anderson unlike alot of the middleweights.
  7. Agree, but Anderson himself sais he only wants to fight the best, if that's the case he should move up. I'd love to see a super fight between him And JBJ before GSP... Even a rematch with Henderson would be ideal!
  8. There's only one thing left for Anderson to do, move up to 205! Honestly the middle weight division sucks and honestly no body stands a chance from there ATM. Why not try and hold 2 belts in 2 divisions?
  9. nusa

    Ugliest MMA fighter

    chris tuscherer Roy Nelson also a special mention to dome head houstan alexander
  10. Sonnen.. the trash talk would be immense. make it happen!
  11. who said no one looks serious? I just said he looks more focused than previous fights and looks ready to put holes in bader.
  12. Not a fan of Tito but that staredown was intense he looks super focused.. Probably the most intimidating iv seen him!! thoughts..
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