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  1. Peter Aerts, Tyrone Spong and Gokhan Saki are all close to Badr Hari. Maybe not as good, but very close. Aerts is 104-30 Spong is 68-6 Saki is 75-15 Hari is 100-11
  2. Seriously man, Overeem could have a 89-4 record with only 3 T(KO) losses if he fought all those guys too. It's like Couture, and Bj Penn, not the greatest MMA records, but everyone they fought was top 10, year in and year out.
  3. And some of the times he got T(KO)'d he was sooo young, like before he was 23. Almost ten years ago. Having 32-34 year old Chuck Liddel KO you when you're only 24 does not mean you have a bad chin EIGHT years later. Or getting KO'd by Sergei Knaritonov (sp?) five years ago?? That guy has dynamite hands. I don't think he as a Dan Henderson chin, but it's not god awful like Schaub's.
  4. Yes, when Overeem started you could "clinch" and knee people, and sometime before the 2010 K-1 GP the rules changed. (At least I think it was then) Why does he not understand this?
  5. Overeem has been KO'd four times in MMA, and TKO'd twice. Two of those were when he wasn't even 24 years old yet. He got KO'd by 30 year old guy when he was 19, and KO'd by Chuck Liddel in his prime. His "glass chin" is greatly over exaggerated by haters. He's no Dan Henderson, Rampage or Chris Leben, but he's certainly no Brenden Schaub or Keith Jardine. Also, some of his T(KO) losses were from corner stoppages. It's not like he gets KO'd every time he's touched like everyone eludes to.
  6. Agreed. Even took some bombs in the 2010 K-1 GP and didn't even phase him. His chin has apparently gotten better since putting on weight.
  7. Pretty sure Brock had two takedowns, and an escape, and Cain had one takedown and an escape. In wrestling that would be Brock 5-4. Can't remember for sure though.
  8. GSP via UD, 50-45 on all three judges scorecards.
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