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  1. Put me on the list, but take me back off if he doesn't have Cult of Personality as his walk-out music.
  2. As young as he is, he shouldn't have much problem putting on some muscle and still cutting weight fine.
  3. Brent555

    Best UFC Rivalry

    Edgar/Maynard was a much better rivalry than Edgar/BJ...I mean is it really that much of a rivalry when you lose progressively worse and worse each time?
  4. Rousey gets hit harder than Mayweather can even throw, during TRAINING alone. Hahahaha. No.
  5. Floyd would KO Rousey 30 times in 10 seconds. Not only are we talking about the best boxer in the world against a woman who isn't even the best striker in WMMA (LOL), he is so much faster than her that she might as well be a punching bag. She would grab him and rip his arm off? Have you even seen her fight? I have yet to see her grab an opponent without taking some punches first, and if she takes punches from Mayweather she is finished, period. This debate is a joke.
  6. His leg is like an inch long anyways, how much does he actually need it?
  7. Other than Epiqu1n showing that you're a bandwagoning can, the rest of this topic sucks.
  8. I wonder if frankie replaces aldo and faces mendez for the interim belt at ufc 176. Aldo is only gonna be out for like a month, I don't see them having an interim fight.
  9. Brent555


    Edgar is clearly taking Penn's soul each time they fight. That's why Penn looks so much worse every time and why Edgar said yes to this third fight. Tonight he finally finished the job. Good luck to the rest of the featherweight division, Frankie has reached his final form.
  10. Great...more of the "This isn't the real BJ Penn" talk. You guys have been saying that for so long that the real BJ must have been the one to get abducted by aliens, not GSP.
  11. major MAJOR abuse of the flag system up in here. You know what, I've officially decided I don't care anymore. Go nuts. If you guys want to flag each other into oblivion until every post is being held for moderation, go for it. Clearly asking people to stop, explaining why it needs to stop, and even issuing warnings isn't getting people to stop, so I'm done trying on that particular issue. At least you still try to moderate, sober gave up months ago.
  12. Literally zero respect for one of the greatest fighters in the UFC Go watch WWF Zero respect for the guy that beat him twice, and his main training partner. Go watch soccer. I have respect for him But he isn't good enough to be the one to take over from Anderson It's because your ****y blinds you, what more could he do? He'll clean out the division, handle Jacare and then Machida again, smash Vitor and then give Anderson a pointless third fight and destroy him and it still won't be enough for you. You should just stay out of threads pertaining to the MW division, because you are irrational and don't have the jimmies to handle the discussions. He'll do none of those things Weidman is average in every department In terms of skill, Weidman doesn't crack the top 10 in MW I pretty much never flag posts, but that has to be a troll post otherwise you have no business watching MMA. What is he superior at? He's the best wrestler in the division for starters. His striking is good, he just doesn't have fast hands. That makes his timing even more impressive though considering he still lands such a high volume of shots. He has shown absolutely no weakness in any area other than his cardio last night, so I really don't see who these 10 people are that you think beat him in terms of "skill". Best wrestler? Lol Romero... In terms of MMA wrestling, I don't know about that. Either way his striking is so bad that Weidman would KO him in the first round so that's irrelevant.
  13. This topic will now be used to discuss that kid's iron chin and awesome hair. can you see it? it's not showing up on my screen for some reason. I had to right click view image. I don't understand these forums so I can't tell you how to fix it.
  14. This topic will now be used to discuss that kid's iron chin and awesome hair.
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