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  1. what the heck you doing on the show if your not a coach... you should have never aggreed to COACH if ya not... and ya walkin away from the ring when ya fighter looses is frekin sad.... show some support... my god rashad is doing ya damm job for ya.... i hope ya get sweept cause you dersive it, ya fighters dont but you do.... i just lost all respect for ya. go do ya damm movies
  2. he may be funny but he just got wooooooooped that was weak..... another zzzzZZZzzz fight. daina ya show is failing
  3. one of the most humble and optimistic persons i have ever met..... i was at the bar he invited everyone to after the seth fight and what you see on the show is no act.
  4. honestly i was a rampage fan, and a rashad hater, but that changed right after the show.... boooo rampage booooooo that was just weak....
  5. man you cant poke fun at fat people anymore with out the gay bomb bieng droped. whats this world comming 2.........
  6. now that part with him talkin to the camera about having bad thoughts about rashad was kinda funny. the rest I muted so I dont get any dumber listening to him
  7. fat is an understatment. that man is a blob. im supprised kimbo didnt tap out due to lack of air. hiz belly has its own gravatational pull ! you could probly hide a vw bug in hiz belly button.
  8. my prob is i hate watchin 2 guys on the ground just dry humpin each other..... i hate the ground game aspect of ufc.. bores to poo out of me, but its part of ufc and i will still watch it. but i would rather watch a crappy fist fight then the 2 best grapplers go at it in the best fight ever.
  9. agreed I saw the same thing.... wtf is up with him... after the fight he drops hiz head and walks away, ya nice job. My hope is that some act of god comes along and brings a real coach...... i honestly feel bad for hiz team..
  10. all i can say is zzzzzZZZZZzzzz its getting boring and the fights just plain suck...... someone knock some one out for me plz....
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