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  1. did machida not win the title from rashad and then defend agains Rua?
  2. Sorry you should have put a "Cant Decide" option in the vote, both would be awesome fights in their respective sports and id love to see both, i was a boxing fan long before i got into mma but follow mma more strongly now hence my dilemma
  3. not a fan however he was briliant on Saturday. In answer to your question yes, absolutley if he stepped up and beat Silva, no other doubt about it he would be p4p king of the universe!
  4. Randy v Toney a pleasure for all to watch!!!! However Garcia v Jung must win this, closely followed by Diego v Paolo and Leben v Akiyama
  5. It wont happen however id love to see a cain v JDS matchup, please make this happen in the next year!
  6. Ouch, lot of sadists out there just now, at least my arm would heal after frank breaks it, Palhares Knee bar is a crippler Frank
  7. irrelevant, the majority of human beings would be on the floor after 1 of either, Brock and Shane would need to hold u up to hit you with the other 4!!! That said id rather take 1 knee from brock, it is possible that Carwin would dislodge my head from its shoulders with a right hander
  8. I would never rule out a motivated matt hughes for a run at the title however i have to agree with the majority and say that hell be beaten by the top 3 however on any given day (such as the almeida fight) he could beat any one of them, guys a legend
  9. lesnar too big, too strong, now has experience in being hit so wont be so much as a shock to him
  10. dont think the rest is bs but agree with couture
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