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  1. Coming from a guy who literally lives on an obscure internet forum I'm pretty sure your opinion on the matter means nothing.
  2. Sorry, not gay. But I have no problem with you being so. Not that you'd get a guy either.
  3. Except his cabinet is comprised of people claiming he's the next president....sigh. This has banana republic written all over it.
  4. Well it looks like even the inveterate conspiracy theorists in this god-forsaken forum are starting to realise that desires do not equate to facts and are stepping down a bit. You really shouldn't fear reality so much. It'll be alright. I know you folks feel special "knowing" stuff no one else does, but you'd be amazed how many more chicks you get by not being a kook.
  5. Don't recall Canada ever surrendering, same can't be said for Trump though. That idiot surrendered to a microbe.
  6. Yup, more votes incoming against Trump. The man who received the most votes against him in the history of American politics. You think the Fuhrer will be happy to claim that record as well?
  7. Oh please, not even going to address this sort of nonsense, in fact you've proved my point. The way you compare apples to oranges and claim truth is fiction (every national security agency has confirmed Russia put a lot of effort into trying to sway the 2016 elections in favor of Trump for example) is beyond silly. Go back to area 51 or whatever conspiracy is your thing of the day. I'm sure the aliens will welcome you with open arms, all four of them.
  8. I think that fact was established years ago....
  9. Election is over, you don't need to make chit up anymore dude.
  10. I just came here to say congratulations to all sane Americans south of the border for ridding the world of the neo-fascist scourge that has befallen your country for the last 4 years. I am feeling great joy for those crowds I see in the streets there celebrating your liberation. I shal,l from this day forth, refer to Nov 7, 202 As VA day (Victory in America day). Just remember, this is a fight that will probably not end in our lifetimes. So to all my American brothers and sisters who see Trumpism as the threat it is to a better world, keep strong and keep fighting the good fight. Congratulations!
  11. ok dude, this part "maybe he'll find his way into this forums 5 stages of grief thread, learn to cope, and finally just be able to accept reality, realise the jig is up, " IS just TOTAL insanity! You're scaring me homie 8/ hah
  12. Was just saying the 2 cases you referred to are completely different. Not that the results wouldn't be any different.
  13. Oh I don't know, I've been laughing my azz off here.....
  14. But one of the trash parties is still based in reality while the other in hate and conspiracy theories.
  15. I don't think your theory is going to happen, but I do think that's the way Trump thinks (minus the camps maybe). He's just too dumb to realize it wasn't going to work.
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