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  1. Colby almost beat Usman so no way he is losing to Woodley. Besides, Tyrone is another guy who has checked out recently.
  2. I think people are forgetting that Robbie, though it pains me to say it, seems to have lost the will to fight. In recent fights he just looks like a guy going through the motions until he figures out what to do next in life. Too bad, but it happens to the best of them.
  3. Too good to be true? Sure hope not.
  4. I saw that interview. As soon as the interviewer mentioned unionizing the fighters I though Baldy's head was gonna explode hah. And he kept evading and diverting from whatever the subject was and repeating his same one talking point over and over whether it was relevant to the topic at hand or not. Kinda like some orange, fat politician I've seen around.
  5. Agreed. I continued and watched all of season 3 but what a hot mess it was. Every episode seemed to get worse and more pointless than the previous one. Too bad. Won't be watching it again.
  6. I know he's got one arm. I'd forgotten his name but saw him fight at some point. Pretty hard to read facetious or sarcastic in text though. I could have said Cash you ****, how is a one armed guy gonna do anything in fighting period let alone be as good as Khabib!! Then you coulda gone another route on me. So I decided to play it straight and just respond to the words.
  7. Thanks. Guess he's a better pure wrestler than Khabib, I'd have to watch him more to believe he's a better grappler over all though.
  8. But in terms of culture it's a WORLD of difference, which is what travel is all about. It's not just about the amount of space you've moved through. As a Canadian, I'd consider myself more of a traveler if I went to Borneo if it was next door than if I went to the USA if it was on the other side of the world.
  9. That's not the point, well, not exactly. The point is Cash claims Gaethje has fought and resisted good wrestlers so won't have a problem getting taken down by Khabib. I don't see those wrestlers on his record unless some preUFC guys had cred. After that point is resolved we can talk about if Khabib is better than them.
  10. It's why you get paid the big bucks amigo hah
  11. When you talk about Gaethje being wreckless you are talking about Justin 2.0. We are dealing with version 4.0 now. Still not positive he can avoid the Kabob takedowns though. And if he can't, it's gonna be a looong night for Gaethje.
  12. Which wrestlers? I'm serious, trying to get informed here because I don't see any on his record that I recognize. And please don't say Michael Johnson. I haven't seen him display his wrestling creds in the octagon ever I don't think.
  13. Yeah I been wondering about the whole mask thing. I see people wearing the equivalent of torn kleenexes attached with paper clips ffs.
  14. Yerbo

    UFC Memories

    Weidman v Silva 1. Seeing Silva get KOed, and not just that, KOed because he was goofing around and finally paid for it, was sublime.
  15. Yeah but the poor in a universal system still get the same decent care as everyone else. In your system they get nothing a lot of the time. For them it's a choice of food, shelter and health care and rarely can they afford all 3. Plus no one has to deal with getting claims turned down by unscrupulous insurers or even pay any or very little in the way of deductibles. But the topic was cost and that fact is your system is WAYYYYY more expensive per person per year regardless of who is paying. If you have some evidence that the taxes make up for the exorbitant prices you pay I'd love to see it, but I doubt it's even close for one main reason, your system is for PROFIT which verges on being immoral. And on top of all that the results in the US are not even as good as other systems.
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