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  1. LOL you lot cant hack it over there, enjoy your swear filter and no fight gifs .etc Forever posting on a PG forum
  2. Why am i not bant, bravo ? owlman? leonie?
  3. My 09 account is legendary, you jelly?
  4. shady get owned to **** at CD
  5. I hate those spam bots, so annoying
  6. rago1986

    So weidman beats

    I thought the "premium" forum didn't have trolls. i was trolling here 2 forum designs ago brah 2008 legend Interesting, your join date is oct 2009. We expect a higher caliber of troll here in the free section. You better step your game up or run along back to scrub section Idiot i was a member of the TUF forum pre 08 and lost my stuff and when it became the UFC forum in 08/09 i started this account dummy BTW i dont post in that section, the only reason im premium is so i could go the weight ins did you lose your stuff or get banned for humorless trolling? IDK after the change i couldn't sign in and where you put your email address in to get password recovery it would not recognize the email addy so **** noes what happend
  7. rago1986

    So weidman beats

    LOL owned, slap yourself lol you couldn't "own" a mosquito if you tried. Come at me brah.
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