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  1. It doesn't work I tried that, it just says that its changed but when i come back on its under my old e-mail
  2. I have problems with this e-mail and I would like to switch my account to another one, how do i do it?
  3. Hunt!!! i liked when our votes were anonymous and our forums were simpler
  4. i dont see diaz ever getting his *** kicked on an encrusted platter. especially not by wrestlers like gsp or rory. if you consider what gsp did to dan hardy a diamond encrusted *** kicking then we have a different definition of what an *** kicking is. that was THE BEST lay n pray of the past 5 years, but not an *** kicking.
  5. i didnt back trace they can avoiding losing jobs by switching industry but they simply wont do that because the higher ups will likely just sell the company
  6. cain wouldnt be able to kill a building full of people with a club now would he? also just like it says the world itself is an evil place...SO WHY THE **** DO YOU WANT TO MAKE IT EASIER TO COMMIT EVIL ACTS?!??!?!?! i feel like im taking crazy pills talking to brainwashed minds who just dont understand the irony in their argument also u cant do simple math...is it better if one student gets stabbed, and then the killer can be jumped by a group of otehr students, or is it better that that one student gets shot...along with the 20 others who were in the nearby vicinity. either way that first student is dead no matter what, guns just increase the kill count.
  7. you do have the right, but there are better ways of doing so. how is the rest of the world surviving without guns? im sure you can figure it out too. there are hoops to get automatics, but idiots can still clearly get them and thats a problem. in canada you can actually acquire an automatic rifle as well, and many people dont event know that. but u cant really carry it anywhere but ur house and the shooting range. even to carry it to the shooting range you have to have a permit and it cant be loaded until u get there. another thing is they need to be locked up, or at least the ammunition needs to be locked up. we can keep arguing back and forth but i have one question to ask you... would you really care if they took away handguns and automatics, but left you with ur single shot rifles? you can still protect ur family with those rifles, you just wont be able to carry it around with u. i know some of you think that dying for ur material belongings is worth it for some reason but if some guy came on the bus i was riding and whipped out a gun, i would give him everything i have, especially since i dont carry cash and i can easily cancel all my cards as well as my phone plan (which can be traced through gps). thats the kind of gun-free prevention i have that keeps me safe. people arent out to kill me, people are out to steal my ****, and ill give it to them, only when they get home they'll find out everything has been cancelled and the cops are on the way to get my **** back due to the gps in my phone that can be activated even if the phone is turned off. you also cant take the battery out of my phone which is the best part.
  8. NOTE: I ERASED UR QUOTES BECAUSE THEY COULDN'T FIT IN THE WORD LIMIT, i still answered them in order. You didnt understand what I said, I said its an industry, they have what is necessary they can turn it around into producing a new product. sure it will be difficult for some but it will be helpful in the long run. you are thinking short term as in one generation, and if u keep thinking like that your country will just keep getting crappier... for example why did they get rid of the electric car which was completely reliable...because of oil, it gave your country a reason to get oil/ money/ and further destroy the world and environment. people losing jobs does not equate people and the earth dying. Well sure, because you are scared and because everyone else in your neighbourhood and country has a gun. Your problem is once again you cant think in the long run, would you not like to live in a canadian type society where no one has guns and we dont fear intruders because we assume they dont have guns either and i can just smack him with a bat and call the cops to pick his *** up? is that not safer than fearing for your life every day since everyone is carrying a gun and you live in a suburban warzone? Oh wow really...well no **** sherlock but thats a ****ing minority of crimes, i also like how you saw it on the news that just proves my culture of fear argument. you think that this happens all the time when in reality it doesnt. I punched a guy in the **** once... it was on the news, does that mean theres a **** punching spree going on? You also seem to put property over people's lives which is another reason many countries hate you...and me because im part of that culture. if someone stole my bike and i had a gun, i wouldn't ****ing shoot him, its just a bike, i would probably try to shoot around him or at the tires, but due to u country's relaxed laws you can bust a cap in the back of his head for stealing ur bike. Maybe you should be the one who needs to do that, because I ****ing studied this subject for 5 god damn years and have spoken to criminals and did entire research projects on this. just because one criminal decides to rob u knowing ui dont have a gun doesnt mean that is the only reason hes doing it... he could be in need of money, maybe he cant find a job, maybe the gm plant he worked at closed down... +millions of other reasons. you having a gun wont make u any less of a target. maybe YOU SVTCountour98 wont, but think about all those half-retarded people you have met in your life, think about all those dip****s u see on tv, do u think they have the same definition of "necessary" as you do? apparently not because people seem to be getting shot a lot in ur country good sir. A recent example is that mexican security guard who shot a black kid for walking in the neighbourhood. He was so ****ing scared of this kid, he probably thought he had a gun cuz he was black, and he just shot the kid. thats what I mean by stupid ****ing law abiding citizens causing gun crimes. sometimes its not even considered a crime in ur country its seen as self defense because the guy had a black object in his hand that looked like a gun but turned out to be a phone or something but the shooter doesnt get charged... For crimes? ok... poverty oppression poor social institutions health care poor education expensive education social status causing a rip in identity social status making one have a need to acquire things they cant legally social stigma for doing one stupid thing in ur life and being blamed for the rest of it easy access to weaponry poor parenting etc... all these things listed branch off into several other categories, and many intertwine with each other. all these lead to the crime, ur ability to access guns just makes it that much easier. uuuh no one, im making a point, but nice try using that thing in ur head that allows you to think so cleverly. I was saying that a rise in crimes doesnt happen JUST BECAUSE of a gun ban, there are many more socio-economic problems relating to it, the gun ban is just a needle in a huge haystack. you thinking that guns are the main perpetrator and that fear you have that this will actually happen if a gun ban occurs is whats wrong. crime rates cant be trusted since they are focused on whatever the agenda wants them to focus on. thats why anyone who knows anything about crime stats seriously has to consider how these stats were gathered. they focused on lack of guns, but im sure if they looked at how many of these criminals lacked an education the news report would be "no education leads to increased crime" and not "no guns leads to more crime." and its not just education you can do this with basically any factor if you want to, thats why crime stats are flawed. well no its really not that rare, if it was we wouldnt be having this discussion. do you seriously think that small percentage that has guns illegally are the ones doing all the shooting? rare would be 10 legally owned gun deaths a year...not 100's lol you said property, im basically reading you like a book right now but ur too blind to see it. its true cops cant defend you from a surprise attack, but thats why many work to create preventative measures, cops included, to protect society. you have your gated communities, security guards patrolling streets, home alarms, 10 locks on ur doors, maybe even neighbourhood curfews... all those are preventative measures that can deter crime. but if some guy is set on busting ur door down (which is in fact the rarest of occasions) then u are ****ed one way or another since he likely to have a gun. here if somebody busts into my house i have a fighting chance since he wont have a gun and i have knifes all over my house, as well as other blunt instruments that can neutralize him without killing him. the point here is u are defending ur rights to guns because of those rare as hell crimes where some loose cannon actually breaks into ur house with the intent of killing you. when that happens u are either a criminal urself who ****ed with the wrong guy or you are extremely unlucky and chances of that happening is like betting money on a single number on a roulette table. yes..yes you do. maybe not ur literal neighbour like steve from down the street but other people in ur country who have a legal guns. if you didnt fear those around you why do have a gun in ur house? its not like some dude from compton is gonna drive to malibu to rob someone. (im using that as examples im not actually saying u live in malibu) sure they might, but its very ****ing unlikely. like in my neighbourhood theres a korean gangster, 3 grow-ops and a dude who has a lambo. and i dont live in a lambo type of neighbourhood so he sure as hell didnt get it legitimately. but i still dont have a gun, i know the korean has a gun but im not scared of him because im not involved in his line of work and i know hes not stupid enough to start shooting people in his own neighbourhood because the cops would question him first. lack of guns make it easy to apprehend criminals who used guns because they are easy to trace. The only shootings in the past 10 years in my area involved drug related activities, which arent random and i have nothing to fear because im not a dealer. (by the way it was only 2 shootings, in 10 years and 2 deaths, it wasnt a massacre). "only a small percentage have guns illegally" is actually true for the U.S as a whole since like you said 10.8 million were sold legally last year, more legal guns are circulated than illegal. your government is the biggest arms dealer in the entire world which is why the made you believe you need guns. people hate obama because hes willing to cut jobs to make a better future for you people but ur all too blind and ignorant to understand it since u cant see past the present. right so its really rare. the thug in the car would have probably just robbed you because if he wanted you dead he would have done it. and u were 15 so whats he gonna steal, 10$ and some bubble gum? when u persuaded the guy to back off, did he have a gun as well? im guessing he didnt, so that puts u in the same situations as when i was attacked. i was able to defend my self without pulling out guns, mainly by talking to or evading the people, once i smashed a guy into a wall and ran off because he could have easily kicked my ***, but it still didnt require lethal force or threat of lethal force to stop. Since u were smart and didnt actually shoot the guy, can you seriously tell me that every other law abiding citizen would have done the same? some people walk around scared ****less and incidents like that would have lead to a dead robber. continued///
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