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  1. im sorry dude but isnt it obveous y its the same as having big name brazillian names at ufc 134 or trying to find the next big japanise star its all abut money nothing else the ufc dont care how skilled you are if your bringing in the cash you can stay sorry if thats a little muddled up im drunk as hell
  2. who do you guys see walking away with the belt and y and give your reasonsor i want to hear cold hard facts
  3. For me the Shogun fight was a strange one watching some one so good just get dismantled but at the same time thinking this isnt the shogun that went 5 rounds with machida or took machida out in the 1st round im not sure if a rematch would benefit shogun but if it was after a series of wins and he wasnt out for sutch a long period of time then we could see what a healthy shogun could do to a health jbj
  4. if the ufc ever sign eddie how do you see him doing against the ufcs top lw
  5. im form the uk and love forrest as well the dude might not be the best but he puts on great fights and has beat some of the top LHW's on the planet and a former champ dont know how some one can say hes overrated
  6. Hi guys in trying to find a pair of mma gloves that will fit me but i cant find any site that goes past 2XL or that says the measurements past that size for bigger gloves i was just woundering if any body could help me out
  7. I agree with you about how dangerous toney is standing but not that many people have ever actually finished randy yeah toney might have what it takes 2 do the job but i just don't see it happening with a clean KO maybe a TKO but that's if toney even gets chance to touch randy
  8. Considered by many the reigning pound-for-pound king in mixed martial arts, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has been imagined in many fascinating scenarios. Some have envisioned him fighting welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre at a catch weight (Silva himself once suggested the possibility of fighting at welterweight). A permament move up one division to light-heavyweight has also been mentioned, and UFC President Dana White has voiced a belief that he's big enough and talented enough to fight some UFC heavyweights. Well, put all those dream bookings on hold. The mercurial star now says that he's perfectly content ruling over the 185-pound weight class, and that he plans to stay there for the remainder of his career. Eschewing possible superfights with the likes of St. Pierre and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua, Silva says they'll have to meet him on his own turf to face him. "If you want to beat me up, make weight and come fight me in my category, my division," Silva said through his manager and interpreter Ed Soares. Silva is in the midst of a historic run in the sport. At 26-4 overall, he is the holder of 11 straight victories in the octagon, a UFC record. He next defends the championship against No. 1 contender Chael Sonnen at UFC 117 on August 7. sorry if this has all ready being posted did look but nothing came up
  9. Ok i did one of these last night and there was a few flaws so i took every thing that was wrong and changed it so here are today's challengers
  10. Evening dudes i had a idea of starting a weekly showdown between heroes to see who you guys would pick in a 1 on 1 fight and y if it catches on il do it weekly if not this will be the 1st and last lol so to start things of il pick 2 icons of the hero world
  11. HW JDS Brock Lesnar Andrei Arlovski Big Nog Cro Cop LHW T.Silva Ryan Bader Forrest Griffin Shogun Couture MW Marquart Hendo Belfort Mayhem W.Silva WW Alves GSP Dan Hardy Amir Sadollah Paulo Thiago LW BJ Tyson Griffin Ross Pearson Clay Guida Roger Huerta
  12. I got to agree with Bas when BJ is on form he is definitely one of the top P4P fighters because no matter where the fight goes he can handle himself pretty well if you take him down its hard to keep him there or not get subbed and if its standing i don't know many other fighters with boxing as crisp as his
  13. Cain is wrestling every day with this years NCAA Div 1 national champ from MO. who is about 280lbs and let me tell you that Cain coming off a knee surgery 4wks ago is getting takedowns just fine as well as not losing any. Cain is a better wrestler/striker/MMA fighter than Brock but like you said, Brock is bigger with a huge punch. That is the only chance I give Brock though is a punchers chance cuz I don?t see him holding Cain down "IF" he can get the takedown." "Bobby Lashley couldn?t and cant take Cain down and he's leaps and bounds a better wrestler than Brock as well as just as big so don?t count Cain out in the wrestling just yet." Thomson trains at the same gym as Cain Velasquez at American Kickboxing Academy in San Jose. Does this dude know any thing about Brock and what sort of wrestler he is no disrespect 2 lashley but his wrestling is no were near the lvl or brocks
  14. No i watched the 1st Twilight because a lot of people recommended it 2 me because im a huge fan on vampire films but that film just made me hate it the more i watched it and i respect peoples choices for picking it i just dont see how some one can really get in 2 that movie and like it and help it win all the awards it has done even thought 2 me it didn't deserve any of them lol
  15. I got 2 agree with JHenry 100% on every thing he said
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