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  1. Wanderlei cause you think of all the dudes he's KO'd over the years.
  2. Silva/Belfort. Unexpected. Out of nowhere. Great technique. Awe inspiring. Highest profile fight. Honorable mention is Sam Stout over Yves Edwards. That knockout was VISCOUS.
  3. It's cool but I prefer the standard UFC posters. Stick to what works in my opinion.
  4. Who cares? It's not like he can beat Anderson anyway. If Vitor couldn't beat him, nobody at 185 will. The only guy who has a chance is GSP. If GSP moves up and fights him and loses, there is nothing left at 185 for Silva. NOTHING.
  5. They are friends and will never fight! End of discussion so stop even bringing it up!
  6. Calling Shogun crap is ridiculous. Get a life! The guy is unbelievable. But Jones is the new breed.
  7. You people are ****ing jokers, you know that right? Probably never trained a day of your life or ever taken a punch to the face. As soon as a guy loses he's done... he has a glass jaw... he needs to change weight... he's lost his speed... he should be cut. Give me a ****ing break you pieces of garbage. Vitor was looking great in that fight. He hasn't lost his speed. He hasn't lost his chin. He isn't done. He got caught. It happens to everyone. Silva got caught by a flying heel hook submission by a nobody for crying out loud! GSP got caught by Serra. Fedor got caught by Werdum. But the second a guy loses you people jump on them like they are garbage. You get in there and take a kick like that to the ****ing jaw from Anderson Silva. Stand there and take it with your iron internet chins. That kick would of dropped anybody at 185. Vitor hasn't lost his speed. He looks great at 185 and should not move back up to 205. He shouldn't move to Strikeforce. He isn't done. He's going to give us a lot of exciting fights in this division and just because he got knocked out by the best fighter in the world right now doesn't mean ****!
  8. Joke post or not, Hamill did not beat Jones and Jones camp should have taken that thing to court. The ref (Mazagatti I think) was a ****ing idiot. It was the worst reffing I have ever seen in my life. Hamill was getting his face reconstructed with elbows and his eyes nearly gouged out for over a minute and the ref would not stop the fight... then Jones trying to finish throws a elbow the wrong way and loses because of it? Worst call in the history of the UFC and that loss should be overturned. It's kinda like the deal with Fedor's first loss.... he lost by cut, that came from an illegal elbow. Should it not have been a no contest? **** is stupid sometimes. But the ref should have stopped that Hamill fight way before that illegal elbow.
  9. Shogun is my favorite fighter along with Vitor, but as sad as it is I don't see how he can get past Jones. He will have to get very lucky. Shogun has terrible takedown defense and Jones is just gonna take him down and destroy him on the ground. I don't even know if I want to watch the fight because I like Jones, but I don't want to see Shogun go out like this...
  10. Big Nog will be fighting Shane Carwin next. You heard it here first folks.
  11. Maia. He does great at Middleweight but I think he would be amazing at 170. Kenny Florian as well, but rumor has it he actually is moving down to 145 for his next fight.
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