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  1. kinda feel bad for nog because now when he wins it wont mean a thing. he will have to ko or sub him in the first round to not drop down the ranks.
  2. a suspect chin is one that hasnt been hit with a hard shot. lots of guys fall under this group a glass jaw is when it doesnt take alot to rock you or knock you out. jardine evans bisping a great chin are guys that can get tagged cleanly and keep ticking, big nog(pre mir) hendo shogun
  3. shogun koscheck mitrione belcher stout
  4. sam stout has superior striking and will dismantle stephens. i just met the guy the other day and hes a real cool guy too. stout tko
  5. dont get me wrong i like forrest but i couldnt have said it better myself. lil nogs skill set is superior. i cant see any advantage forrest has. i wouldnt count him out but im really confident in nog

    Undisputed 2010

    still disappointed that they dont have daley g-sot or lil nog
  7. dude i said it wasnt his fault. are you jon jones in disguise?
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