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  1. I heard no public weigh ins for this one! The official one in the morning is closed to the public, well i guess i can schedule something else with all the things going this weekend!
  2. Hidalgo Texas here I come!


  4. I went to UFC 171 in Dallas, and all especially the big names had huge lines, so big they cannot get to a lot of ppl who were in lines for hours waiting....and still some did stay for an extra hour or so, but not enough to get to everyone. The line for the weigh-ins was huge, I am an elite member and was able to get in to the weigh ins 2 hours before to get into the Q&A with chad mendes and segio pettis before everone else was let in for the weigh ins, but i dont see a Q&A before the weigh ins for this event so expect the line to be huge!
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