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  1. Chill out, big boy Im just messin with you U mad?
  2. At least even you know that anything you say is irrelevant because you're a well know BJ fanboy
  3. LW: Ross Pearson WW: Rory MacDonald MW: Court McGee LHW: Phil Davis HW: Brendan Schaub
  4. I don't debate with him on anything to do with Silva or Shogun
  5. Not with you. Just ask guys like ufcgod1 or spiderprodigy... I have many great MMA debates with them. YOu just have the attitude like your opinion matter so much more than anybody elses. So I don't like to debate with you.
  6. ah 2below, my best friend Have you come here to give your opinion that the world so desperately needs to know?
  7. The only win was against washed up Jens Pulver He does worse in rematches... Not even worth debating
  8. Watch the Uno fights It doesn't matter what weight class hes in... He doesn't do as good in rematches
  9. Did you even read what he said about the lactic acid? (if you even know what that is)
  10. Once again... Sugar coating Penn's loses to not make them sound so bad. Typical BJ fanboy.
  11. nah the opposite Nate is highly overrated
  12. Uno fight: Penn KTFO uno in 11 seconds. Uno rematch: Goes the distance to a draw Hughes fight: Penn submits Hughes in the 1st round. Hughes rematch: Hughes smashes Penn in round 3 GSP fight: GSP wins by split decision. GSP rematch: GSP completely dominates Penn With the exception of Jens Pulver... BJ always does worse in rematches Just something Ive noticed.
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