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  1. SO many doctors with that good advice on this forum. You have come to the right place.
  2. 97% consensus is doctored stat http://www.friendsofscience.org/assets/documents/97_Consensus_Myth.pdf http://www.forbes.com/sites/jamestaylor/2013/05/30/global-warming-alarmists-caught-doctoring-97-percent-consensus-claims/ As I have always said environmentalists are coo coo. The climate has been responsible for I believe every mass extinction. There is zero you can do about it. Its the ****ing universe for crying out loud. And it ain't gonna happen for awhile. But hey, everyone needs a team, no matter how wacky and illogical they are.
  3. My job allows me to travel the world, buy cool ****, eat fantastic foods, and provide for my family. It's doing the opposite of kill me. That being said, I could **** all over Bernie Sanders right now, but why bother? If he does any good, Hillary may just kill him in his sleep.
  4. And I am happy to say I will no longer be posting here. I have tried as hard as any one person could to get you guys to see the beauty that is the NAP, and its all been in vain. You guys are just too dumb. I have always been told that MMA appeals to a higher level IQ and it has at this point proven to be wholly inaccurate. I have never witnessed such a lack of logical thought in my life. Mind you my peers are all college students and professors so thats not a fair comparison, however it does not rebut the point that there is some real low level thought here. I need to find something more on my level or I will no longer get better at logic. Later fellas it has been fun. Edit: I will not welch. I'm not a **** like steelin_pigs_from_ blankets. And to my haters that already posted... Stay angry.
  5. Right, so this is just more evidence of your comprehension skills. Well everyone's for that matter. I haven't once said a thing about marriage in this thread. Yet yalls seem to think that's the problem. I'm attacking democracy here. I am showing you through a series of questions that it doesn't work. You can not stop religious ideas anymore than you can stop Obamacare in a democracy. We cant stop wars. Nothing. Yet you guys rant like religion is the problem. The monopoly on force is the problem. And voting them out doesn't vote out the law. Once it's in, it's in. And the process to appeal it costs money and lots of ****ing time. I believe in the NAP and therefore any use of force that decides who can or can't get married I am against. So many assumptions made by you guys here. So sad.
  6. Taking a **** break. I haven't once said anything about gay marriage here. My stance on it was described here: http://forums.ufcfightclub.com/topic/144284-the-political-ideologies-thread/?hl=%2Bpolitical+%2Bideologies
  7. Unfortunately I'm balls deep in code right now otherwise I would respond. I will be back later though to put you all in your places.
  8. You must have responded to the wrong post. Nothing you have said relates at all to the post you quoted.
  9. Right. But isn't that what happens in democracy? Stupid **** gets passed and we have to follow. Look at drug laws. How do you stop religious people from getting power in democracy?
  10. What do you mean by religious overtones? And Christmas is fundamentally a religious holiday.
  11. Rustlin easy these days. No insults. Simple questions. Gotten to.
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