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  1. What the hell is wrong with you? It's the same in every post. GSP will murk Silva and they both know it.
  2. Dude, hahahahaha! GSP is gonna murk Silva. What did you see last night? Silva was losing the exchanges until his fortunate front kick. Lucky, no, fortunate, yes. Try that on GSP and Silva ends up on his back. A fighter you seem to hold so highly shouldn't continue to put together poor performances like Silva does. GSP dominates each and every round in the toughest division in MMA......how quickly people forget the Sonnen fight and there were many more.
  3. GSP feels great and will rape Silva. You have a fine list but you need to put them all together to get what GSP brings. This is a bad fight for Silva.
  4. Dana White Says Anderson Silva Has to Beat Chael Sonnen and Vitor Belfort Before Fighting Georges St.Pierre "GSP told me straight up' date=' I'll fight him [Anderson'] right now. If you guys want to make that fight, make the fight. GSP is not concerned what so ever with fighting Anderson Silva." "First, Anderson Silva has a couple guys he needs to beat. He needs to beat Chael Sonnen and probably Vitor Belfort, should Vitor win his next fight" http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2010/6/26/1538539/dana-white-says-georges-st-pierre
  5. This ^^ I rarely see any hate towards Rumble. Most comments are towards his not being able to make weight regularly. The guy is minimum a MW and could fight LHW imo. But hate? No.
  6. Oh, nice goin there Zerker! Just imagine how many of the net dweebs on this forum just became a man all over their keyboards because of this?!?!
  7. Yeah, she's perty and all, but I'm fairly confident I'd split her in two.
  8. Hey guys, isn't there a Spanish site for this sort of stuff?
  9. Not trying to be a smartass, but people really need to check out the home page from time to time. Not just you, there are many.
  10. Dude...Hardy runs his mouth consistantly without earning the right. GSP says one thing, and if anyone has earned the right it's him, and now your on Hardy's bandwagon? I call BS on this post.
  11. Frostraven

    UFC in Canada

    No problem, I was looking for the link, but Showdown Joe annonced it on MMA Connected a couple of months ago. Enjoy!
  12. Frostraven

    UFC in Canada

    Yes, it's confirmed the VS feeds will be broadcast on Sportsnet in Canada
  13. Frostraven

    UFC in Canada

    I'm checking it now, but I'm sure it was announced Sportsnet would carry the VS feeds in Canada
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