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  1. i personally think it was a good fight, and rashad did great. if u dont find grappling entertaining maybe u should watch boxing or kickboxing,

    Michael Bisping

    im on the fence with Bisping. Hopefully he will shut his mouth and get on with it, cos i think hes a decent fighter, but when hes insecure his giant sized mouth starts to go in overdrive. I think maybe hes grown too big for the wolfslair, i know they have great coaches, but maybe he should train elsewhere to step up to the next level
  3. Cant c it happening. Ricky Hatton isnt even committing to another boxin bout yet alone take up a different sport. Its naive to think that someone can learn BJJ and top class wrestling from scratch in such little time. He reached the top in boxing it would be very hard to get motivated to a do a sport where you wont reach the top, cos he wouldnt reach the top of mma.
  4. That would be the 2nd time the USA get their arses handed to them
  5. I like GSP cos he thrashed BJ and made him quit I dont like Steven Struve cos hes a lanky bad loser (to junor de santos) and should join the circuis cos hes a freak
  6. Fair play, this isnt the 1st time he has stepped up last minute, I have new found respect for the guy. I think he would handle Johnson if he wasnt stubborn and try to stand with him. Tall guys like johnson arent always the the best a tdown defence. I think Hughes would be a good fight, dnt think he will take it though. Maybe matt serra would though, im not a fan but maybe those guys would deliver a stand up war.
  7. i cant see a big name steppin up at this point.
  8. yeah haha, cos long term members dont say stupid stuff, and they know everything, and they dont have feuds with other members,
  9. I really cant understand why so many UFC fans seem to be such glory supportes. I cant believe all the hating on Forest Griffin. He is not my favouriye fighter, but i like him and he use to be loved by everyone and now after 2 losses in a row (to top quality fighters) hes now "a loser and a joke". How many times have you watched the UFC and the crowd is all chanting for one guy, then as the momentum switches so does the fans RandyvsChuck or BJvs GSP1 and that was billed USA vs Canada so the chants went from "USA,USA" to "GSP,GSP". On sat night I watched the fights in a casino and every1 was a Machida fan, and then in round 5 and up to the decision chants changed to Shogun but then the decision was announced, to a few boos befor everyone remembered they were in the Machida fan club. What a loade of ********, I would understand if everyone was neutral and just appreciating the good fights but not everyone can be surely. I said it somewhere else, im gonna see if for the machida shogun fight i can design and print reversible shirts, one side with each fighter, so machida fans can change and support shogun if the judges manage to get the decision right next time, that way no one is still supporting "a loser"

    UFC 106 = Drag

    Yeah its real ****. I read Brock hasnt trained for a month! i presume he would have seen a doctor and been diagnosed, so if he had pulled out a month ago maybe it would have been easier to put a fight together. Im not sure if i was a top level fighter i would want to step up at 3 weeks notice for an important fight that could change the direction of ur career, such as a no.1 contender fight however i wouldnt mind seeing Nate M vs Vitor Belfort. Matt Hughes vs josh Kosh Kenny Florian vs Frankie Edgar. But i cant see anyone takin an important fight now except chuck who would fight anyone
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