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  1. It seems that very often when I make a thread it doesn't liv every long before it mysteriously vanishes. I like to imagine it goes to a better place...somehwere that isn't filled with idiots who love Brock Lesnar and where everyone gets a pony...but something tells me the mods are just deleting them
  2. Yes, the cable companies should do something that will cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars even though it would generate little to no additional revenue. Brilliant business plan Donald Trump
  3. When Johnson can consistently make weight a few fights in a row I might consider listening to his critique of someone else.
  4. You look like Kevin Ferderline. A lot of people think Kevin Federline looks like a white trash, trailer park, d-bag. How do you feel about that
  5. PugUgly

    shrek out of ufc 108

    Why...did they find blood in his steroids
  6. That could be one of the funniest MMA related things I've ever seen
  7. OMG...you people are really really **** One of the first thing one does when assessing the health of a horse is to look in it's mouth. The phrase "don't look a gift horse in the mouth" means if someone gives you something it's rude to start question it's value or, in the case of the horse, it's health. It would be the equivalent of receiving a gift and then asking what it costs. It was originally more about etiquette and rudeness but has come to mean don't question it when something good or positive falls into your lap.
  8. I like to see Tito die in a snuff film. I'd like to see Rampage in the octagon where he belongs.
  9. Rampage chose to go make a crappy movie instead of fight. He backed out on his contract and let down his fans. He's just another Tito Ortiz, a ha- been who thinks he's going to go to hollywood and become the next big action star...worked out great for Tito didn't it Rampage will be crawling back begging for a contract after he fails as an actor.
  10. Rampage is a mentally unstable whack job.
  11. I would like to see Anderson Silva finish his contract unbeaten and then only agree to resign if he gets a title shot at MW, LHW and HW. I believe he could hold all 3.
  12. Since GSP annihilated Hugues twice I hardly see how...oh forget it, I'm weary of arguing with people incapable of using logic and reason.
  13. If that's the is case then all it would demonstrate is that the UFC HW division is a laughably weak.
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