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  1. Jesus all these novels people are posting. How is EVERYONE this gotten to? When I left this place was full of iron jimmies clanging around, now it's more the rustle of paper machè
  2. Checking back in on this thread and holy **** what happened here?
  3. Wait is this a group based around that dude who got handled by Tyler Breeze? Lol
  4. Eh, my friends are kinda scrubs so they always wanna stick to quick play and arcade. I was platinum in season 2
  5. God dammit will you gaggle of **** hats shut up and talk about Overwatch or something? I came here for the vidya games not to watch everyone menstrate at each other
  6. They need to make a new Fight Night so me and Pat can reignite the fuel of the century. Also carnage might be there I guess
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