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  1. Hi Doc. I didn't see you post but maybe next time.
  2. I think once I let my guard down, then he'll do it. I know how he works.
  3. It looks like a 99% chance. I can see the stormy clouds closing in fast.
  4. Nevermind me - I am just hiding from the fast trigger man.
  5. This account is done. Steve has the fastest fingers in all of ufc forum history.
  6. I'm moving in a few weeks - a month at the longest. I will start a new life and a new account.
  7. He is good. I like him but why rock the boat?
  8. I still have a few weeks or until the mods ban me. I am now the forums most wanted.
  9. Do I know you, Sparkfire? Tell me how KFM got put into your sig, if you would?
  10. Same to you, Kaiser. May I ask one thing if we are never to meet again: Are you of German heritage?
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