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  1. Watching shogun lose to Machida just never gets old! THANKS SPIKE TV!
  2. plyhard

    Unfire rogan!

    Didn't mean to confuse the cavemen on this forum I was wrong... Joe can be a bit too enthusiastic (which pisses me off) about expressing his opinion through his color commentary, but the man has great entertainment skills and because he studies MMA he can provide succinct and informative explanations to the audience - and Goldberg is lost without him... I guess I'll hang with Joe until he goes off the reservation and then I'll just turn down the sound...
  3. Brett Rogers who? He still has a time card with his name on it at Sam's Club...
  4. Unfortunately, the Russian team is going to handle Fedor like a national asset and try to engineer as many wins as possible by carefully controlling his path. UFC was going to take control away from them and risk Fedor's future. Fedor can throw explosive bombs but was getting bloodied and handled by a sloppy ground game. I would like to see this argument settled in the ring but the Russian's are going to be clever about matching him up.
  5. plyhard

    Unfire rogan!

    Rogan was hands down the winner last night! After witnessing the flacid ringside commentary at the Strikeforce Fedor main event versus Rogan calling UFC fights (Nogueira/Couture) - there is simply no comparison. Rogan needs to drop the bias but keep the flavor in his game. He is better at both bringing life to sh*tty fights as well as stepping up to the Big Fight Night commentary and postfight interviews!
  6. Actually, this is Rashad's mom. I don't let my little baby Rashad curse...
  7. Wow, I think we can all agree that Rampage is sh*tty coach, horrible human being, and overall a f*ckin idiot. Griffin? Calling his own fighters quitters? Grabbing t*tties? Going 1-7?
  8. If ever there was a thread on here that posters were ill-equipped to handle, this is it...
  9. Dana White is the alpha male of MMA competition. All you anti-Dana couch jockeys that are still living with mom, eating Fruit Loops and watching Sportscenter during the work day need to STFU! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg3vdU-Y1wM
  10. Flaming Dragon negotiations added. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/944411/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qg3vdU-Y1wM&feature=related
  11. First, we ALL need to thank Dana for keeping these thugs and hoodlums off our streets for 6 weeks and putting them to work - towns across the USA are safer. Second, this is what happens when you pull the TUF paddy-wagon up to the downtown drunk tank. Most of your talent is going to be scrappy, out of shape, used-to-could tough guys - sort of like looking for a Pound Puppy instead of going to a Breeder. I will say that TUF is entertaining and brings more of the bar brawler crowd fun to the fight game. If one or two of these contestants move forward - it is more than worth the absurdly theatrical program.
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