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  1. You Mayweather fan will never learn. Arrogance, and cheap as alway.
  2. depend on the Weight Division. Don't you see all the Welterweight beating the crap out of UFC top 10 Welterweight?
  3. +1 for being honest, and not a 3 years old diaz fan.
  4. 1) After all the *****ing, crying, moaning. Do you Diaz fan happy now that Diaz is going to fight BJ? 2) Do you still hate Dana?
  5. Not only GSP easily finish Diaz, he will also do a FATALITY on him :eek:.
  6. Dasau

    Nick Diaz SPEAKS!!!

    Only idiot fans defend him from the way he act.
  7. Only idiot signed this. If you defend Diaz you are total wasted. His coach, his manager disgusted by him.
  8. I love Joe and Mike, but they made a little mistake last night. I think many viewer though the same that Pat was going to finish Kongo too.
  9. You made yourself look a clown. No wonder why the OP said people in the UFC forum have a minimal intelligent. :eek:
  10. Too bad you already bias on your POLL, so this is no competition.
  11. Dasau

    Aldo vs Florian

    Florian have a chance if he could land a few elbow on Aldo. I wasn't believe in the Sharp Elbow thing until Nunes fight. It was just one hit to the head, and it open.
  12. Of course Diaz, because USA is the most racist country around. They boo all the foreigner.
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