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  1. i think brock has been humbled somewhat by his match with carwin. he now realizes that he isnt untouchable. he said himself that sometimes theres gonna be guys that come along and test ya. although right after brock said he was a humble champion, he then went on to say how hes still the toughest sob around. so idk. all i can say he acted better than after the mir fight.
  2. i do gotta say that a man the size of lesener in the fetal position on the ground covering up doesnt look right. something about it. it seems pathetic. nothing against lesner at all. just something about it doesnt look right.
  3. cain doesnt have a chance against brock.
  4. so far ppl have argued that leben is a better striker than wandy. they also argued with me that athletes bodies dont start to break or slow down once they reach there thirties. which is a proven fact. iv also had one person argue that wandy is not past his prime. all i can do is shake my head and laugh at the level of ignorance being displayed. im done with you ppl.
  5. lol, another pointless comment on the part of the forum ****.
  6. im afraid you wouldnt know the truth if it kicked you in the mouth.
  7. lol. now i know why i stopped coming to these forums daily.
  8. so you honestly think wandy is still in his prime? lol...hahahahahahah.....foolish boy.
  9. do you know anything about athletics at all? are your aware that an NFL running backs careers on average last 5 years because of the wear and tear on there bodies? did you know that MLB sluggers bat speed starts to slow down once they reach there low-mid thirties? with that being the case why is it so hard to believe that someone who has fought as much as wandy is past there prime at age 34? now that you have shown off your ignorance please go outside and play with the rest of the kiddies.
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