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  1. I don't think it matters that much, really. Title shots aren't given based on fighter rankings exclusively. Fighter pay isn't based on rankings, either. Rankings don't mean doodley-squat. Agreed. All I am saying is not to now "rank" Davis as a top 5 and give him a title fight for a fight he actually "lost". Or any other fighter were a scenario like this happens.
  2. Hm, let's not change the rankings because fans feel like Machida won the fight and the judges didnt... If that was a title fight should they ignore the decision as well? Assuming your a 12'er maybe even a 13'er based on how dumb you are. Its not FANS, Dana himself said it. When the judges get it wrong, I don't feel like its a problem to address it professionally. I didn't say to ignore decision in title fights, that is why their are rematches for close title fights. Hence Edgars 10000 of title fights. All I was saying is, lets not be like "OMG PHIL DAVIS WON THAT FIGHT ON JUDGES CARDS .... HE SHOULD FIGHT FOR A TITLE OR A TOP 3 " Was an off decision, he was 7.... make im fight a 5 or a 6 because he couldn't "beat" a guy in the top 3. Re For Machida we should say " OMG HE JUST LOST TO A NUMBER 7, MAKE HIM FIGHT A GUY RANKED 11th or 12th" .... He should still fight top 4 or 5 competition because realistically he still won the fight. Think before reading..... and very important, Think AFTER reading something also. Gives your post more credibility and the forum as a whole.
  3. They need to fix this. Going 2 for 10 on takedowns and not doing damage on those is not effective. So dumb
  4. He didn't land anything on the feet.... how did that look a lot better?
  5. In the case of something for example like last night Machida vs Davis. Were imo ( not the intended intent of this topic ) Machida won all 3 rounds. - I dont feel 2 takedowns on 10 attempts is "winning the grappling battle" buttttt anywaaaay. I think in this case, were a fair shake including many media outlets and Dana himself feel like the Decision was a bit crappy they should just "ignore the decision" Yes it counts as a win for Phil. However, don't let him climb the ladder, take the fight for what the fight was, not a piece of paper from Un-Education judges. Don't move Phill or put him in against a top 5 opponent, he obviously lost to Machida and shouldn't move up. Machida "lost" to a Number 7, however the UFC should look at it and say, were not going to move Machida down the ladder and move Phil up. The UFC needs to protect its fighters vs terrible Athletic Commissions and show its fighters they are going to back the "winner" not what a piece of paper says.
  6. UFC needs to stand up for these bad judges decisions. They should treat Machida like the winner, and look at this fight and say, Phil Davis obviously is not ready for a top 5 fight.
  7. Minus the blood... that fight was a boring old GSP win
  8. To bad Vera couldnt get to 185... guys in terrible shape.
  9. This video made Rory look 10x worse.... why would he do this interview?
  10. LOVE Dawson Lerie ( Fail Spell? )
  11. Shouldn't have been re-instated imo. And he looked piss poor vs Marshall ( is he even in the ufc still? ) and then just got KO'd in the biggest opportunity in his life... when Media is saying Shogun had a bad fight... 12ers gonna 12
  12. Not familiar with the english language are we? I SAID HIS WIN WAS AGAINST A SUB PAR OPPONENT... why do I even bother......
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