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  1. Did anyone notice Dana White over by DC when Jones was getting announced as champion? It looked like he was pissed off about something.
  2. This was a hell of a fight! Both girls gave everything they got! Joanna is just more athletic and quicker and that's where she won the fight.
  3. What I hate is this guy always gets to fight over here. Almost every one of his fights have been in England.
  4. I was pretty shocked by the 49-46! I was like wait what?!?!?!
  5. You can see who won by their faces. Hendo, not a scratch. Bisbing's face is MESSSSED up.
  6. I told my brother before the fight started, Diaz will not win a decision. Is anyone really shocked here? You think they want to lose their lil cash cow? Diaz would have had to of knocked him out or subbed him again in order to win this fight. It was a very close fight. I had no clue where rd 5 was going until Nate got that last second TD. Once he got that TD, I really thought Nate had won that fight.
  7. Knew Diaz wouldn't win a decision. Garbage.
  8. So did they just take a bunch of things Jon Jones does and now ban them??
  9. I think people would have been upset at first. But after seeing the replay, she was done after the head kick.
  10. He gets shocked at every fight he refs then. Like I said, this is not the first time he has done this. It is ALL the time!
  11. How is this guy still allowed to ref?! He is horrible! This is not the 1st time its happened. He lets fighters get tagged well after they are out cold! It's so dangerous! He needs to go!
  12. Good fight. Very close. Didn't think Gust did enough. Was getting destroyed in the clinch.
  13. I'm not mad. Silva won. That's who I wanted to win. I was a little disappointed in the entire fight though. Diaz didn't do much attacking and neither did Silva.
  14. I get the cut. But the giant bruise under his eye isn't from scare tissue. That's from getting punched a bunch of times by significant strikes. Diaz landed a ton of lil slap leg kicks and that's about it. I had it 49-46. I thought Diaz took the 2nd rd. Neither fighter was very aggressive. Diaz sat back and tried to bait Silva into going away from his game plan. It didn't work and Diaz didn't have any other plan. I'm very happy to see Silva back, but it was a very boring fight. I'm not a fan of all that smack talking in the octagon. Just fight.
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