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  1. yes thinking that the jones urine test returned a false positive is a crazy bannable thought to express. i know it enrages you all when even a single person disagrees with you
  2. jones is the number one p4p fighter - although as I have said many times mm deserves to be one the mma world says its jones . so argue with the entire world - i know y'all are used to it.
  3. "This site has members of all ages and all are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner. Members are to respect the opinions of others and refrain from attacking another person for expressing their opinions. Name-calling, personal attacks and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. " wow these rules are not being followed at al are they?
  4. Bill Gates says he thinks that robots should be taxed at the same rate that the workers they displaced are taxed at. Not a bad idea especially coming from Bill Gates - but he doesn't really go far enough. People who lose their jobs to robots should still get paid the same and pay the same taxes they always did. Paid to do nothing? Yep. Its a difficult concept and I obviously don't expect it to get any traction here. BUt at least you know about it now.
  5. annnnnddddd fixed you no longer have to worry about me bothering you
  6. and the 6 negative tests are wrong and the one positive test is right does being a racist make you stupid or are you stupid to begin with and just take up racism? we'll have to start testing this
  7. yes all the white power mma fans really need this to be true
  8. yes it always come down to this doesn't it? not smart enough to debate
  9. lol yes because doing roids 3 weeks before a fight is how its done you're such a joke
  10. it makes sense to you because a) you know nothing literally nothing about it, and you desperately want to to be true it is an impossible scenario and usda knows it and that is why he will walk
  11. but your logical brain is fine with him pissing negative on the 7th of july and positive n fight night? whatever
  12. low brow trolling to point out that he is getting busted for roids while not being on them? if he was roiding he would have been busted 6 times in july - not one time
  13. btw he was urine tested on the 6 and 7 july and was clean so there is no logical reason for him to have the substance in his body on fight night its a failed test which happens all the time
  14. to make it even simpler- he's just a jacked black boy deal with it
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