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  1. i dont believe he should get a shot right away just like condit sonnen and stann didnt...g-sot and miller have better claims to a shot at the title then pettis does...
  2. considering this card is not that good and trying to break into a new demographic it would be smart if the ufc did air this live and free in australasia
  3. only time he will hold the belt is if he becomes ufc president and has the job of handing it to a fighter after they win it
  4. you guys really need to get over the JJ tourney 8 years ago...mir was a blue belt then...alot has changed....mir wins this fight easy
  5. rampage only one ko in his last 6 fights and only 14 out of 31 wins...though he was a reputation of a KO artist having a less then 45% (T)KO finish rate suggests that he is probably has the lesser power out of the 2....
  6. this sucks...thiago and rampage are number 2 and 3 on my fav fighters list....i dont know who to cheer for...probably thiago as rampage has had his shine and its time for the younger brigade in rua thiago silva bader and jones to rise to the otp of the division and create new history in the LHW division im goin for thiago...he has more ways to win it
  7. diego wins this... GSP moves up after beating shields then diego and condit fight for th vacant title...true story
  8. he doesnt need to explain anything...vera wouldnt fight back...he is still shook from the jones fight...some fighters never recover mentally from that
  9. i like him...very entertaining fighter....the ufc would be a better place with him around
  10. vitor wasnt even that good in his prime let alone fighting only 4 minutes in nearly 2 years...anderson will have him outta there by round 2 guarenteed
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