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  1. ....... Movie definitely made a point to make fun of modern news. I thought there was some funny bits not nearly as funny as the first one. Opinions?
  2. Sometimes I feel like a jerk for thinking it but I'm pretty sure I can't stand 55-70% of people . They are either extremely rude self centered or just act stupid. The reason I am even bringing this up is as soon as people have some sort of protection EX. either in their car or even on the internet. Today I drove to work and an ambulance has his emergency lights on and is trying to make a left and multiple cars decide to completely ignore the law to pull off to the side and keep getting in his way. I could not believe this! I have seen this too many times but it's probably one of the most frustrating things I've ever came across. The fact is they very well could be risking someones life to save themselves 30 seconds which could be the difference between if someone lives or dies. They don't care tho and this may only be isolated cases but it does make me look into other actions people take that are completely self centered. This is my rant for the day.
  3. I think I did this last year just call who you think will win each division. AFC East: Patriots AFC North: Bengals AFC South: Colts AFC West: Chargers NFC East: Giants NFC North: Packers NFC South: Bucs(This is a crazy call but their secondary is crazy improved and they already had one of the best run defenses and I believe in Jackson) NFC West: Seahawks
  4. How is this fair? The last 4 of his fights are in Canada. That's ****** up if you ask me. Home field def makes a difference. My proof is look at every sports team their home home record is almost always better! I personally think it's an unfair advantage to have 4 fights in a row on your home turf. Anyone agree with this?
  5. Well let's hear em. Mine is to get to 175 LBS & to have a toned look.Also another of mine is to visit three states I haven't been to. Gonna try to hit up Colorado/Texas/Florida if possible.
  6. I honestly have very little problems with people that immigrate here if they do one simple task. Learn to speak English. I think we should give amnesty to all the immigrants currently in the country that can speak English pretty well. To the little ****ers that have lived in America for 20 years and never bothered to learn a word of English should have ankle bracelets put on them that if they get within 500 miles of the US they are electrocuted until they remove themselves from that distance. I think it's ridiculous we try as a nation to cater to their needs of being extremely lazy. I wouldn't move to France and expect them to learn how to speak English to communicate with me. I think it's one of the most rude things someone can do. Does this not bother anyone else? It really bothers me and today I had to deal with around 20 people that didn't speak a word of English and I don't speak a word of Spanish. I shouldn't be expected to speak Spanish tho!!! I do want to clarify I don't have a problem with immigrants that actually make an effort to make themselves a part of this country by learning the native language. The ones I have to try to draw pictures repeatedly to get them to perform a simple task I could care less about tho.
  7. Can't believe he beat the receiving yards for a season record.Still has a game to go. This guy will go down as one of the greatest ever. He has a good chance of beating Micheal Irvings 11 games with over 100+ yards in a game as well.
  8. Guys please watch his stand up it's on you tube. Can I post a link to that?He's very funny and surprisingly nobody has heard of him. He's getting his own show on FX soon so I'm sure you've seen the commercials.
  9. What will you guys be doing on this day? I'm thinking about requesting it off work. I have a feeling bars might be crazy. Even though the world most likely won't end on this day it's been the longest world ending conspiracy I'm figuring people are going to RAGE. You guys doing anything special on this day?
  10. Which fighter(s) would you most Like to have a beer with? If you don't drink beer then get out of my thread!! Unless your pregnant then its ok. I would say Rampage or BJ Penn.
  11. When you guys fill out a job application do you guys actually list the crime you committed?
  12. Opens up at -1500 for Silva!!! I can't believe we the fans can be ok with such mismatches being created. On that note going to be interesting to see if Silva can finish him.
  13. Aight guys so I am feeling lucky so I made a parlay bet with 100-1 odds it's 15 separate bets I need to win if any lose I'm ****ed I think it actually has an ok chance of happening just wanna see what you guys think Bills Vs Jets I have 2 bets = I need Bills to at least come within 9.5 pts also the total score must be under 47 Colts vs Bears I have 2 bets= Colts need to come within 15.5 pts and they need to score at least 35.5 pts Cowboys vs Giants 2 bets= Dallas needs to come within 10.5 and the total pts needs to be higher 39.5 Dolphins Texans 2 bets= Texans need to win by at least 5 pts the total pts needs to be higher than 36.5 Eagles vs Browns 1 bet= Eagles need to win by at least 3 Jaguars vs Vikings 2 bets= Jags need to come within 10.5 pts and total points needs to be under 44.5 Lions vs Rams = Lions need to win by at least 3 Redskins vs Saints= Redskins need to come within 15.5 pts Seahawks vs Cardinals= Seahawks need to come within 3.5 pts a little long but do you guys think there is any chance all these bets happen? I read them one by one and I think they are very solid bets I just need all of them to happen!!! I bet 5 on it so if I win that's $500 which would be kinda cool.
  14. Title says all I don't know who did it last year but it was awesome and they should do it again.
  15. QB: Eli Manning RB:Marshawn Lynch RB:Trent Richardson WR:Calvin Johnson WR: Dwayne Bowe TE:Rob Gronkowski RB/WR:Beanie Wells K:Jason Hanson DEF:Seattle BN:Lagarrette Blount BN:Peyton Hillis BN:Mark Ingram BN:Justin Blackmon BN: Darrius Heyward-Bey BN:Reggie Wayne This team isn't as good as the one I drafted last year but you guys think this is a pretty solid lineup? Also who would you guys switch out Wells to start? I don't think Wells is too great but I'm really lacking if I had one more badass player I would be set. I have a feeling Blackmon might kill it this season but I can't be too sure.
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