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  1. Why did Clarke have to top score?!?! WHY!! He'll never be dropped now.
  2. exciting cricket. going to be an awesome final session.
  3. I love it, scrap the ashes, start a rivalry with Bermuda, if we ever lose a series against them, then it's time to move on & give up playing cricket as a nation.
  4. After 20 overs. Aus: 4/48 Eng: 2 wickets to Tremlett
  5. It could happen, a few early wickets today and I could see us taking 20 English wickets.
  6. 1 hour to go. Aus Team released, NO BEER, taking in Harris, Hilf, Johnson & Siddle. Will be funny if we lose the toss and have to bat!
  7. *sigh* hurry up England, just get it over and done with.
  8. Struve is as tall as this thread is awesome.
  9. Definetly true. Didn't he say that Pacquiao is one of the only boxers that could hang with him? I don't have the exact quote but i'm pretty sure that's what he said.
  10. "It's kind of bizarre in a way, I lost and I'm probably in a better situation than if I won,'' Mundine told Fox Sports. LOL, if you know what i mean, i was so happy, if you know what i mean, all talk, if you know what i mean, and, if you know what i mean, only fights, if you know what i mean, if you know what i mean, contender, if you know what i mean, 4th loss, if you know what i mean.
  11. Is the point of this thread making sure everyone on this forums knows you (like about 15 million other people, a figure which grows every year) were at/watching UFC 1 live?
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