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  1. Kable

    UFC Island

    Hopefully it all works out...and doesn't go the way of FYRE Fest
  2. Obviously the world should just stop because two guys need to fight in a cage
  3. This thread is turning into a **** fest...just thank Kevin Lee for that.
  4. The dude is full of crap, honestly everything he says is cringe or false.
  5. We don't talk about Kaleb Starnes
  6. Thinking we would get good odd for a crazy upset?
  7. Do we even want this fight????
  8. End of the day gotta beat the champion to be the champion... Secondly...Home turf advantage Thirdly...Jones does this **** where it looks like he is getting hit but he is actually moving his head...just out the way and chin tucking...but Reyes landed alot more than most.
  9. Maybe not have a Reyes avatar when complaining about the results of this fight...
  10. Cowboy vs Connor rigged....Jones vs Reyes rigged...i see where this sport is going....lol
  11. Kable

    UFC Why do you watch it?

    Well, i think self preservation should be a key factor in that but if the UFC helps with that. Clearly a positive for the sport.
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