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    Belt Collections

    Still counts I guess

    Belt Collections

    Oh its outrageous having that many belts. But I do like the idea of 3 major world titles. Makes super fights that much more interesting. I also like the weight classes, then guys only have to jump 7lbs to make a superfight, not 15 or 20.

    Belt Collections

    At light heavyweight (175 lbs) he had: WBC, WBA, IBF, IBC, IBA, WBF, NBA, IBO, The Ring and NABO titles simultaneously All but NABO are world titles

    Belt Collections

    Especially amazing because he held all those belts at the same time, thats not career belts right there.
  5. I'd get my father to dress up like Santa and come to my place, he's fat enough.
  6. Mayweather vs Guerrero May 4th Cinco De Mayo? That'll be a blowout and hilarious to see Guerrero get embarrassed. Then Mayweather vs Alvarez in September? I can't wait to see the 23 year old get smashed because of his terrible defense. Mayweather is too much for either of them. But they will be exciting fights.
  7. Johnson needs to sign with the Broncos
  8. I once saw a buddy trying to fight someone, being a total ***. Then all of a sudden one of my other friends clocks him one, KTFO. Blind sided him out of nowhere just because he was picking a fight with someone, and those two were really close friends.
  9. I still say MMA lacks talent. The only thing that is looking up for them is Rory. He is the only guy that can survive on the ground and yet throw decent punches. Albeit his boxing still sucks, but its great for MMA.
  10. With there being much speculation about Marquez coming into this fight looking more cut than ever, Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach hinted at Marquez being "Juiced" for the fight. This was also brought up by Skip Bayless and agreed upon by Stephen A. Smith on ESPN first take. I feel that the idea of this coming from Roach is totally outrageous after Manny, even though it was long ago. Skipped two weight classes in a short amount of time, just after starting to train with Roach. Simply put, Pacquiao, went from Flyweight to super bantamweight in under 3 months. Thats a solid 10 lbs, of obvious muscle, not including his weight cut. In 3 months? To me that is more suspicious than anything. For Roach to start trying to slander Marquez name just because he knocked out Freddie's star fighter is both childish and sign of poor sportsmanship. Pacquiao and his entourage need to accept defeat and stop making excuses.
  11. I skipped school once recently. Then my mother kicked my *** and I won't ever do it again.
  12. Its would have to be amateur. Head gear, now knees or elbows to the head, and possibly wearing full head gear. Much like boxing. The olympics are an extremely safe competition.
  13. I just have to point this out, the USA has better weapons and technology. Everyone else has numbers even if the USA is out numbered 40:1 its nothing a fleet of B-52's can't take care of. The f-22 Raptor is unreal and will **** up any jet other countries have. The USA is built for war. Listen to Toby Keith's "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue" That is an example of exactly what would happen these days if anyone declared war on the states. I'm not American btw, I just know the American way is do what we say or get blown away.
  14. Simple question, which PPV sells more?
  15. UMCMMA

    PPV Sales

    Who wins? The return of MMA's top Welterweight against a game opponent in Carlos Condit Or Manny Pacquiao vs Marquez for a 4th, and totally un wanted bout?
  16. Daley punching KOS after the fight
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