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  1. Haha forgot to change that, the guy just pissed me off last night by not following our agreed upon rules and then calling me a welcher even went as far as making a thread about me being a bad better.
  2. Kongo has very good technical kickboxing.

    The UFC Is Overrated

    He lost to Rua 4 years ago and has packed on 50 pounds and started training at top camps since then. It has been 8 years since the Liddell fight and my answer stays the same. You can't say he is the same fighter as he was before.

    The UFC Is Overrated

    No, if Silva wasn't scared he would have been the #1 contender. So instead he was the #2 MW in the world at the time. #2 in the world = middle of the pack apparently.
  5. Guida fought better strikers in, Sanchez, Florian and Gomi. Although he lost to Sanchez and Florian it was a SD loss to Sanchez and he overall destroyed Gomi.
  6. I just wanted to point out you thinking Brock was a P4P fighter made me laugh and makes me take your opinion a lot less serious.
  7. How? What does Pettis have that Guida can't handle?
  8. You have Brock as your #2 P4P fighter, your opinion doesn't matter.
  9. Basically he hasn't fought any top guys besides Ben, who is highly overrated. He will lose to Guida in embarrassing fashion.
  10. UMCMMA

    The UFC Is Overrated

    When did Shields fight and lose to a middle pack guy? I saw him win a fight that he gassed in against a top 10 possible top 5 UFC WW.
  11. UMCMMA

    The UFC Is Overrated

    Besides HW, the UFC is the best MMA company in the world. UFC champs vs Strikeforce Champs UFC would win all but HW.
  12. A serious question, the guy doesn't have **** all besides fancy kicks and a half decent triangle. Guida will wreck him, he will win his next fight after Guida and lose his next 3 and get cut from the UFC. OK probably not but he will NEVER be champ at 155 because he does not have the right skill sets to beat any top 10 LW fighter in the UFC.
  13. According to the oddsmakers (People who know what they are talking about) it would be GSP According to this forum (GSP's B@lls@ck) it would be Silva
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