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  1. Welcher i am not, I will use the sig when you follow the rules we agreed upon.
  2. Well if you are that explains a lot, did you ever drive your car through the side of another families house because you felt your son would be talking to girls which you don't want as you are a proudly gay family?
  3. We had four and I can't link them because my inbox was full and its called deleting old messages.
  4. No pretty sure the rest of the song is about having sex with women. Your just acting like Kranga's alcoholic father right now.
  5. I should be the one saying sorry, everyone one she be sorry for you. Even babys see more ****** than you.
  6. What about the two bets before that? That you failed to quote.
  7. Near the end of the song Akon says "If you've had sex your qualified to sing with me..." You will never be able to sing along.
  8. I'm in the place to make demands because if he doesn't go by the rules we made with our first bet a couple months ago I just won't put it in my sig.
  9. And you will never be able to sing along with Akon
  10. It had to do with the bet, between me and you. I have no problem putting something about you in there but Shogun has absolutely no relation to the bet besides the fact he lost to Forrest like Rich. LOL at the Aussie Coward.
  11. I would like to know who is french. And who is a coward besides the obvious Australian that needed the USA to save there asses from the Japs.
  12. French? haha only GSP fans and Australians are cowards.
  13. Like I said, I want something to do with the Griffin/Franklin fight not Shogun, as I did not bet against him.
  14. I would like a sig that has something to do with the bet not things completely un involved.
  15. It has everything to do with him having no life, outside of Shoguns crotch he hasnt seen human life in years.
  16. No waiting for a sig that isn't full of lies and blind nuthugging.
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