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  1. Dan is the man love his attitude and power.
  2. Shane is going to be resting his knee he is going for an MRI on it soon. So he might need surgery and sit out just as long as Brock.
  3. None of the above. Alpha omega.
  4. Swick might have a chance but everyone knows unless he connects on GSP's chin during the thirty seconds of a fight before GSP takes you down (and he will) there is no hope when GSP fights the fight only stands for like 2 minutes the whole time. And if BJ Penn can't stop GSP on the ground Swick has no hope.
  5. This kinda pissed me off Pat Berry would not KO Rogers.
  6. Rogers did his best he is only 28 and showed that he can hang with the best in the world. anyone that says he didn't do good is dumb he lasted on his back against Fedor and just ask Nog being on your back vs Fedor is not a good place to be.
  7. Fedor got offered 5 fights for 25 million $5,000,000/Fight
  8. So giving leites a title shot is for future consideration even though they released him after a fight he should have won in his last fight.
  9. Obviously there is more to it but Dana would still sell out, the fans would get to see what they want and they would more than likely double in PPV revenue that is all Dana is about now the profits. Dana does not care about the fans anymore why would he put Leites in against Silva? Why not resign Henderson for a little extra money? All that Dana is about is getting a fatter wallet.
  10. I know he wouldn't get that great of revenue but he says he is all about the fans does he not? The fans want Fedor vs Lesnar and he was not willing to sacrifice have of the revenue for that. And the reason they are not selling out is because it is on free TV and the Strikeforce owners suck at promoting. The only thing Dana would have to do is put on the posters and commercials UFC and m-1 Global present.
  11. I want to see GSP get owned everyone says " Oh he is P4P best in the world." pound 4 pound in my mind would mean great no matter what he or the other fighter weighs so GSP dominating WW does not make him a P4P great fighter.
  12. LAst time I checked the NHL commisoner Gary Bettman is a idiot.
  13. I know Dana has done a lot for the MMA world but with the Henderson thing releasing a lot of fighters after two losses in a row what is going on with him. To me he should have done a co-promotion just to get Fedor to fight Brock he would more than likely make twice as much in PPV money than usual so what is the difference if he loses half of it anyway. Everyone says Fedor and M-1 Global are selfish cause they only care about money but what is Dana doing, not accepting a co-promotion because of money.
  14. I actually think he was supposed to be charles "krazy horse" Bennett
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