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  1. Am I? Or are you too stupid to give me something to put in my sig? I think the second one is the answer.
  2. Shogun and Anthony Pettis, Shogun because of Kranga, Pettis because everyone thinks he will win the UFC title because of one kick in a fight he was losing up to that point.
  3. Your 12 is what I was trying to get at, and if you don't shut the **** and get ****ing laid in the next year I will make sure you get laid, like I said I could possibly be a 59 year old Pedo.
  4. Well judging by experience it is not a fun injury to deal with. And if you don't have the best doctors and constant private physio therapy then it takes up to 16 months to heal.

    Torres vs Cruz

    I would much rather see this than Faber vs Cruz. Personally I don't see Faber having much of a chance as he doesn't have very accurate punches and has good wrestling which means Cruz will easily handle him like he did Jorgenson. I feel that Torres would be a much greater threat to Cruz with his long reach and good JJ skills.
  6. Probably your worst troll post ever, I'm disappointed.
  7. He subbed who? Shane Roller? Haha, Alex Karalexis? Really? Mike Campbell, oh yeah that guy is a blue belt in BJJ that must mean Pettis has the best subs in MMA. And look he almost had BJJ brown belt, Ben Henderson in a guillotine but forget to lock up his body. Talented forgetting the second most important part of a guillotine the easiest choke ever. If this guy becomes a UFC champ I will shove a gerbil up my *** and call it a day.
  8. WHo has better wrestling than Bader? Vera? Hamill has good wrestling but he won the deaflympics gold but its the deaflympics. He was a Division 3 wrestling champion. While Bader was a Division 1 wrestling champion. Who else has JOnes fought with good wrestling? Vladdy? He has average wrestling he won Junior college titles and then disapeared in the wrestling world. That should cover everyone he has fought with good wrestling. Bader has all of them in the wrestling department. Jones is gonna get KO'd in this one.
  9. Apparently your blinded by one kick, he has no real stand up talent beyond flashy moves and has average subs. Guida will destroy him with a 2nd round TKO and Pettis will go 1-4 in the UFC and get cut.
  10. He was the best according to who? The D-3 wrestling president? Or his mom and dad?
  11. Ill get her in a triangle first, and then 69 oops I meant north south lol.
  12. OMG! Tae kwon Doe! That martial art is such a killer.
  13. It has to do with the fact that Ben Henderson has almost no striking experience and has very little talent in wrestling which is his strength. So fact is he is not a top 10 LW.
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