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  1. When I was depressed I went running, worked out, then I blew my knee out playing hockey. Got really depressed, focused on making money and dedicating myself to school work. It seems like a really long time but after about a year I got better. But once you start feeling like you can actually get out of bed in the morning it seems worth the wait
  2. Honestly in MMA it has to be Marquardt vs Gouveia. That was some TV show **** My favorite combo has to be Alvarez vs Lopez crazy fast going to both the body and the head then scoring a knockdown in about 2 seconds. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2iotuJgt6U Go to about 1:38
  3. Head butt if you start losing. It got Victor Ortiz famous
  4. So how do you know if you've seen more fights than everybody here?
  5. I think he is having a mental breakdown
  6. Super Featherweight, 5lb difference with Broner's last fight being at 130, his next fight is at 135
  7. I still find a comment like that a little premature.
  8. Whats the UFC's highest selling PPV? 1.5M Whats Boxings? 2.4M Yup just us 2
  9. He recently tried saying he is better than Mayweather. And also sings his own entrance music.
  10. UMCMMA

    Elite Strikers Stature

    Short and stocky could be considered Rampage.
  11. Way too weird, but back to topic. Try watching some BJ Penn fights. He has lots of different scenarios in every fight, you can learn a lot.
  12. Daniel Cormier Biggest Strength: Wrestling, gold medalist. Heavy hands, true KO power Biggest Weakness: Lack of experience Where he stands: Likely a top 10 HW as of right now. Possibly one big win away from a title shot or a title eliminator. He is still very young in MMA and can only improve.
  13. True but thats the sport of boxing, anything can happen. Interesting fight in my opinion.
  14. Thats ****ed right up, I imagine any kids you have will be retarded from repetitive blows to the head.
  15. Generally if your in great shape as a HW you should stick and move then clinch when he has even a slight chance at getting off combos. and try to get both his hands tide up enough to get a quick break from the ref so he can't land shots on the inside. Depending on you and how the other guy fights, thats just what could generally get you to win on points and maybe wear him down enough for a KO
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